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OS/2 Warp for sale on eBay

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Neil Waldhauer:
I am selling a copy of OS/2 Warp 4 on eBay (ship to USA only)

Darn and I was just going to bid until I saw the USA only bit ;-)............ Seriously though, if another copy of OS/2 arrived in the post then my shelf might just topple from the extra weight! I also sell a bit on eBay and to say that the cost of mailing items is a killer is an understatement!


Martin Iturbide:
Conrad, did you win it on the last 9 seconds? nice  ;D

Neil Waldhauer:
Well, OS/2 Warp 4 is gone. I'm selling a PC DOS 2000, which is off-topic, but I have quite a bit of spare OS/2 items, and I'd like them to go to a good home. Anyone looking for something in particular?

Link to PC DOS 2000 if anyone is interested...

@ Martin ---- note to self --- must reply to posts a lot quicker ----- no it wasn't me in the last 9 seconds....not this time at least! I probably have too many copies of OS/2. Thank God the days of 100 floppy disks are gone, the amount of time I must have wasted popping in floppies only to get 90% completed and receive a 'read' error!

Actually one of my funniest (stupidest?) moments was when Windows 3.1 came out. I diligently inserted all the floppies (only 6?), rebooted and was still met by the DOS prompt. I redid the installation several times over the next week or two and became increasingly frustrated!! Until I read in a computer magazine about typing the word 'win' and pressing ENTER!  :(    At least with OS/2, when all the floppies were fed and the system rebooted it went straight to the desktop ;-) !


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