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I have used Qpdf, the Qt pdf reader, for a while now. It is just so much better than Lucide when scrolling among pages. No jerkiness at all, not even when viewing "heavy" pages. AFAIK both Lucide and Qpdf are based on the same "engine" (Poppler), but behave very different. How come that this runtime based app runs faster and smother than the native one?

Additionally it has the nice features of making notes and add highlights and moreover to open pdf:s in tabs. As Lucide it also works very well when filling in forms.

What I miss most is the great function in Lucide to browse among pdf:s by pressing Shift + PgUp/PgDn, the fast start up time and the plugin system. Haven't yet installed CUPS (it's a prerequisite, but it works to drop cups.dll in the program folder) so I don't know about printing.

Is it possible to make Lucide to be a such a smoothe reader as Qpdf?

Silvan Scherrer:
There are a couple of reasons Lucide is slower. One is that Lucide is poppler based, but it uses a older poppler.
Lucide is so many drawbacks (IMHO) that i gave up on it and ported Qpdfview. Qpdfview is now getting a plugin based system also. This means with Qpdfview 0.4.0 (coming soon) you can view PDF and DjVu files. If i have enough time also PS will be there.

Of course Lucide could also get the lattest poppler engine, but for that someone needs to do the work. poppler changes api a lot and those api always need to be changed by Lucide as well. This is a big issue and I'm not going to do that anymore.

so I'm sorry, but IMHO Lucide is a dead end by now.


Thanks for your answer Silvan. Sounds as good news with a plugin system on Qpdf and I must say I really like the app.

hm.. silvan worte that qpdf will not have a plugin-based system. Beside that, it is full OK to shift some "standard" app to qt-based counterparts. At the end our system is less complex and easier to maintain. So thanks for the port!

BTW: the readme of qtpdfview is wrong:

"yum install jpeg" does not work, it is "yum install libjpeg"

Is there really a need for cups.dll? Actually cups-server is only installed on a server. I do not want to have a full cups-install on every machine.

The big problem I find with qpdfview is that if I try and open a pdf on another partition (qpdfview installed in e:\qt4-apps, want to open pdf in f:\download) it locks the machine solid and I have to power off and then on again.


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