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My OS/2 tech library is looking for a good home.  This is the library I used back in the day to develop E-Racer/2, PrjBld and KeyRing/2.  Any or all of it is available for free - you pay the shipping/packing.  Martin Iturbide has dibs on some of these, if he can afford the shipping.  You can duke it out with him, if there are conflicts :-)

Here are some photos of the book spines and some closeups of the software manuals:


Most of the books are in pristine condition, but are only promised "as-is".   I can probably dig up the CDROMs and floppies (if any) that came with the books, but no guarantees.  A lot of years have passed and I may not have retained them.

I may or may not still have the install disks for the software manuals shown.  If I do, you are welcome to them for the same price (free+shipping) - at the very least, you'd get a manual for your existing software.

The books are physically located in Olympia, Washington, USA. (not too far from Seattle).

Contact me with a list of the ones you want, and I will weigh them for potential shipment.  Many of the books are 2"-3" (5-6 cm) thick and are pretty heavy.  You are responsible for import duty, if any.  Paypal only.  First come, first serve.


If you ever change your mind and allow us to mail  you checks, please let me know.  I don't have a paypal account.

I'd love to have

* Writing OS/2 Rexx Programs
* Effective MultiThreading in OS/2
* OS/2 Warp Programming for Dummies

I have most of the other books.  And I love your KeyRing/2 app.    I would not be surprised if I have an E-Racer/2 license as well.

Mark Vollmer

Kevin, I've sent you a private message.


Alex Taylor:
Some very nice stuff there!

I'd definitely be interested in:

* OS/2 Warp Presentation Manager for Power Programmers
* OS/2 2.1 Application Programmer's Guide
and possibly also

* Writing VX-REXX Programs
Shipping would be to Ontario, Canada.

On a related note, while I already own "OS/2 Warp Programming for Dummies", I haven't been able to find my copy for years. I'm pretty sure it's buried at the bottom of the storage locker where I keep a lot of my belongings in Canada. Anyway, I've been very keen to take a look at the information it has on WPS programming - as I recall, it has a chapter or two introducing SOM+WPS programming.

If you or anyone else who has a copy of this book wouldn't mind scanning just the SOM/WPS chapters and sending them to me, I'd be very grateful. (Again, I do own copy of this book so it should be perfectly legal.)

Dave Yeo:
Hi Alex,
Would that be Chapter 22 Stupid WPS tricks, Chapter 23 SOM: Kind of Wonderful, Chapter 24 The Workplace Shell: Object of Envy?
There's also Chapter 25 Notebooks and States and Chapter 26 Containing Your Excitement with chapters 23-26 under Workplace Shell Basics.
if I can get my son to hook up the scanner, i can scan them (probably in a few days) if no-one else steps forth.
I also need to revisit the book. Last time I tried any of the examples (using Open Watcom) nothing would actually compile :( Since then I've learned more about programming.


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