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Martin Iturbide:

I'm trying to get VisPro C++ V3.01 so I can upload it to hobbes. I got Dave Hock permission last year to turn their software freeware (AS IS).

I tried to get it from Mensys. http://shop.mensys.nl/catalogue/mns_VPC.html since they have it for free.
But I can not pass the payment option. It seems that you can not pay US$0 with Paypal :)

Can anybody help me to get it, and/or upload it to hobbes?


I ordered it per invoice. As soon as I receive the download instructions I will give you a link to get it from me.

Martin Iturbide:
Any luck?

Nope. The order is still 'open' when I log in to my mensys account.

Martin Iturbide:
A few days ago Mensys processed my order and I was able to download it.

The software is on hobbes now.



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