Author Topic: Installing to a 1TB Hybrid SSD  (Read 7384 times)

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Re: Installing to a 1TB Hybrid SSD
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2015, 05:27:42 pm »
Well ..... I think that I have re-installed OS/2 over the last month more often than since the EE 1.2 Beta, when Boca were vm-mailing 35 diskette images every night ....

One thing is certain - it is not the hybrid. I put in a  conventional 1TB drive in its place, upgraded the bios to latest level, and the results are pretty much the same.

Taking the simplest possible scenario:
1. boot DFSee to wipe the start of the disk
2. boot eCS installation disk to create a partition table
3. re-boot eCS installation disk to create a single 1TB primary partition and then add Air-Boot (must be done in that order)
4. boot from hard drive. Air-Boot says: "Your system has at least one broken partition table entry or your hardware contains bad sectors. System halted."

Exactly the same result when I substitute a 100GB drive, so it is not the TB-ness

Ah-ah ..... in the slot where we used to have diskette drives, I had the builder insert a multi-card reader, which plugs into a USB header ... unplug it and, hey presto, everything works.

So now I have Windows, Ubuntu Studio and eCS all installed and all bootable from Air-Boot. Success! Well, not quite .....

Apart from not being able to use the multi-card reader, there is a power-up problem. ...

At power-up, BIOS reports that there is no keyboard. Try and call up the bios and I can't, of course, 'cos there's no keyboard. Allow the bios to boot air-boot, and the keyboard is clearly working. Boot through to Windows, and the keyboard has gone again (mouse too). Boot eCS instead and both keyboard and mouse work. Reboot to Windows and they work there too. There is a bios setting that affects when the ps/2 ports are activated, but I have that set to 'full initialisation'.

There are a few other annoying niggles (Win-OS2 apps don't work windowed) but at least I can get on with some work now. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement !