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Is Hobbes down for you?

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I have been trying to get on Hobbes today, but I have had no luck.

This error message gets returned;

--- Quote ---Fatal error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::query() in /home/archiver/private/includes/files_db.php on line 182
--- End quote ---

It seems like a database error to me... "MDB2_Error".

Has anyone else had this experience?

Hi Ben

Yes, looks like a problem with hobbes...

Have you sent an email to let them know?



There is no way of finding out their E-mail address at this point...

... a person would have to have had it before it went down.

Ian B Manners:
They know.

Somebody was attacking the server so some changes were made, Curtis has cleared the database connections logjam, which means its back up :)

Thanks for the info, Ian.

Hobbes is fine for me once again. :)


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