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Firefox for eCS (OS/2) 24.8.1 Beta2 using very high CPU.

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The latest firefox has the same problem as the previous version, namely very high CPU usage and plugin-container.exe tending to stay open even when firefox is closed.

It did this on my 4 core and 6 core processor machines as well as our dual 6 core processor test server, pushing CPU usage to well over 90% on all cores.

Note I said DID, it now behaves itself and is working as I expect it to for the last 7 hours.

To fix this problem you need to go to about:config and look for dom.ipc.plugins.enabled and toggle true to false - you can also toggle any other true statements in that dom.ipc group to false.

Since firefox 17 also uses plugin-container.exe this fix should work for those versions as well.

Dave Yeo:
Out of curiousity, what plugins do you have installed? Enter about:plugins in the URL bar.
BTW for 17.0.11 I made your fix the default but Dmik only disables plug-container.exe for Flash

Hi Dave,

The only plugin on any of these machines is flash - which doesn't work - cloned mozprofile.

I did notice that the flash plugin was set to false but the plugin-container.exe still loaded and swamped the CPU.  With all of the true config options toggled to false there is no problem.

Next week I will let it loose in the office and see what response it gets.

BTW, what is the plugin-container.exe actually for and does it even have a purpose in firefox for OS/2?

Doug Bissett:
I think you must have a problem caused by something other than Firefox and FLASH. I made a WarpIn installer for firefox-24.8.1.en-US.os2.zip, and installed it that way (now at HOBBES and NETLABS), but that should be identical to installing using the ZIP file to a clean folder. I do use RUN! to start Firefox.

I am not seeing what you describe, and I have not changed any of the defaults. FLASH works fine, for FLASH that will accept flash_ecs_0_4_2_GA.exe and odin32bin-0_8_9.wpi (from the eCS betazone). It seems that some web sites don't like our version of FLASH, and insist that it needs to be updated, so they don't even try to play the FLASH (nothing new there). The only other plugin, that I have, is from IcedTea-Web_1-3b.wpi.

I am using an Asus M3A78-EM motherboard, with quad core Phenom processor. It has 5 GB of memory (the usual amount available to eCS, and the rest is used by the QSINIT RAMDISK). I am currently using eCS 2.1, but I am pretty sure that it also works with eCS 2.2. Everything is updated to the latest (I think).

Dave Yeo:
Hi Ivan. did you double check that no other plugins are loaded by entering about:plugins? As Doug mentioned, the default should work for Flash. I had a problem with the awget plugin also loading plugin-container.exe and so had to disable it for everything.
Plugin-container.exe is for running some plugins out of process, so Flash runs in a separate process and if it crashes, as it does on all platforms, it just takes out the tab it is running in rather then the whole browser.


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