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Martin Iturbide:

The best way seems to be installing ghostscript and PMPDF (or ePDF) and send it to print all from NewView.

It seems to produce a decent enough PDF. I will generate them all and ask for permission.

When I got the permission I will see where to post them.


Martin Iturbide:

uhm... the only one that gave me trouble was "ipfref.inf". If I print it with NewView, it crash. Then the PDF save as dialog show ups, but only generate the PDF to page 48 (Changing Fonts).

The rest is worked fine.


Alex Taylor:
I see that too, also with the C Library Reference.

BTW on further investigation I've noted one serious shortcoming to generating PDFs this way: NewView (or probably more accurately Sibyl) rasterizes all the text to bitmaps when generating the Postscript, which means (a) the output files are huge, (b) the text looks kind of ugly, and (c) searching for text is impossible.

One alternative is to use IBM View (ibmview.exe on eCS) to print... this avoids the above problem, but is only capable of printing the text in monospaced font (specifically Courier).

In both cases, support for bookmarks/PDF table of contents is unavailable.


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