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Jan-Erik Lärka:

The documentation for Warp 4 mention that it was possible to suspend the system and boot into something else as it then would wake up afterward. Forget about the mentioned systems in the text below and instead concentrate on what it would allow the system to do.

--- Quote ---Dedicated DOS/Windows Session -- Enables a user to quickly switch from OS/2 Warp to a dedicated DOS or Windows environment and back again, using suspend/resume technology. This technology can also be used to suspend/resume OS/2 Warp instead of shutting down/rebooting. Program objects can be created to invoke this function from the OS/2 Warp desktop. Dedicated DOS/Windows Session function is supported for IDE/FAT systems only. Networking connections are not maintained when OS/2 is suspended.
--- End quote ---

It doesn't seem to rely on the hardware (and why should it?!).

Would it be possible (if one had the actual code from IBM) to rip some code from it and make the system work with other file systems (like JFS) and close down nicely and then when it reach the "boot into the other system"-part just suspend (ACPI) and/or "boot" into something that would only respond to "Enter Key Stroke" and return and wake the system in an orderly fashion when required!


I do remember swapping in and out of Win 95 and it worked quite well but as for newer operating systems/file systems and older IBM code....somehow I doubt it :-(........ Concept is good though. I rely on virtual machines and plenty of RAM (with shared disk space) to do the job without any rebooting. What do other members think?

Dave Yeo:
See http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/os2ddprog/message/2739 and follow up. Summery, not stable.


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