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Hi All,
I am in the process of establishing a hardware profile for a new set of desktop machines to run ECS 2.X. with US sourced items.
This hardware will replace AMD socket A hardware in existing towers if possible.
I would prefer to not use a plugin network card, and will be using SATA drives and ide, and plug in graphics card to drive LCD monitors, HDMI connection a preference, and on board audio.

So the list is:-
Motherboard with standard PCI slots if possible for existing video grab cards, processor, memory, HDMI out graphics card,

these machines will primarily be for a home office but out of hours will be audio/video media collectors/manipulators and servers/viewers through the house via network.

Reason for all this is I cannot run SATA on existing boards with ECS, old Nvidia2 chipsets are not stable enough, traps out and is all hardware issues.

Thanks for your time and input.


Neil Waldhauer:
It would be nice if someone would make a website with useful hardware information on it.

eComStation.RU is doesn't work because it is too difficult to find anything, and there isn't much information there in the first place.

So mostly you buy stuff and hope you can get it to work...

Yes that is the problem for me I try to keep abreast of the news groups, GenMac especially, but unless you really spend several hours a day trolling all the groups you have no idea what to buy and by the time I find a product it is no longer in stock or was not available in the US in the first instance.

I agree the .RU listing is less than helpful for me in the US, but at least there are other users around the world that are being helped.

I may have to get what I need in Asia on my next trip there and suck it and see.

In advance thanks to any responses
Regards Peter

Roderick Klein:
Basicly buy a system with an Intel ethernet and video chipset. With the upcoming eCS 2.2 (beta will start in 2 or 3 weeks).
You should have native resolution for your LCD screen (panorama driver), ACPI working properly and the NIC.
You can also buy something with ATI video card. Realtek gigabit cards work very reliable, some don't but does same chipsets don't work under Linux either (it are revisions of the same chipsets).
But systems with none Intel mainboard chipsets will work reliable with the new ACPI 3.21.xx (included in eCS 2.2).

Its important to pick Intel/ATI video and grab an Intel gigabit NIC. The Intel NIC driver simply works everywhere.


Roderick Klein
Mensys B.V.

Martin Iturbide:
About an eCS-OS2 hardware information website, I was tempted to build one some time ago but I quit since I didn't found a good way on how to build it.

I don't wanted to re-invent the wheel and do something from scratch (because it will cost more time to maintain it) , but try to use an open source software to create that kind of site. The issue is that it can be something very static (like os2warp.be) and very custom build (like using a CMS like Joomla), or it can something too much flexible like a Wiki, and I wanted to have something in the middle.

I tried the Wiki approach and I think it was hard to make searches on it and I needed something more static to show the hardware lists by category.  Also, I wanted to lock the individual hardware pages to templates, and it was a little bit hard. On the other side I think it is a good idea to have a wiki style page on the "individual hardware page", so more information can be added by the community, and not like comments at the end of the page.

I even got authorization to use some of os2warp.be documentation. But at the end I stopped trying since it was too much work.

The OS2World wiki crashed with page, so also this is a reminder to me that I need to get it back.

If anybody wants to create a hardware information website I can collaborate, but I'm having fun this time with the EDM/2 wiki.


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