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Send email from commandline (actually a rexx script)

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Jan-Erik Lärka:

What tool is available to send emails from command line?

I've created a quite large script that at the end has to reply to 12 e-mail addresses.
The text in the body has to contain national characters such as å, ä and ö and a png image (each different) as attachement.

1. PMMail run a filter that detect a certain file from a certain sender
2. PMMail launch my rexx script
3. My rexx script use a python script to convert the xlsx-file into a csv-file
4. My rexx script interpret the file and get the coordinates of addresses from google (maps api) specified in the csv-file
5. My rexx script write 1 + 4 × 10 different files based on areas, contacting info, misspelled addresses etc.
6. My rexx script start an OpenOffice .ods file that use a series of macros to (among other things) export 12 charts to a ftp-server through netdrive.
7. My rexx script should send an email to give a brief update and notify each person about the current status and attach a chart (png image) exported from the .ods-file by the macros to show how far they've come.


No, PMMSend remove å, ä and ö, so it has to be fixed first.
Yes, they fixed the = ? encoding problem yesterday.

Ohh, yes, I need the solution up and running by tomorrow (Sunday 14 December 2014)  :P


Olafur Gunnlaugsson:

There was also WebMail/2, the later versions were compartmentalised enough so you might be able to rip off some of the scripts used, I recall that the last versions never showed up on hobbes and I had to get them off archive.org

Jan-Erik Lärka:
Tried RexxMail before I wrote here, but it has limitations (secure transfer through stunnel doesn't work?) and seem very focused on doing things by hand.

I use webmail/2 on my web server, but I don't know if it can work through stunnel and there are some problems with it so I had to rewrite it to support UTF-8 encoded emails, html-email and Windows users... that broke my version of it.  :-\


Jan-Erik Lärka:
Any command line executable?

Andi B.:
Did you ever look at weasel? AFAIR you only have to put the emails into forward directory and wait till weasel picks it up. Or start the sendq.cmd to immediately trigger sending. Think such procedure is even described in the bundled documentation but never used by myself.

Of course this needs to setup a complete email server (weasel) but that's not to hard as even I've running it since years ;-)


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