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General MIDI Module and SBLive 0.81


Hi there,
I´ve just acquired a Roland SC-88 external MIDI module and I´ve attached it to mine SBLive. Under Windows it plays pretty flawless, but under OS/2 it is not reliable. Using SBLive 0.81 drivers it somewhat plays via RTMIDI when using Nota Musica program (too bad I was not able to register it... and it plays only for 10 seconds or so). Any other program (including MIDI Station Sequencer) produces no sound at all. I´ve found some guys with the same problems in ancient yahoogroups posts, but no solution.
I know there is Theta Band MPU401 driver, but I am not certain it will work, since there is no way to disable MPU401 support on SBLive driver. I also know that most users are using UniAud driver by now, but anyone have ever got any MPU401 device to work with a SBLive card? What is the trick?

Daniel Caetano

Hi there!
I had just solved the problem. Using LBPlay I discovered that SBLive MPU UART port is A418h and sending data directly to this port everything is playing ok. It seems SBLive RTMIDI driver is sending data to the wrong port or something like it.
Now... the only problem is how redirect play.cmd to redirect double click on MIDI files to run LBPlay. (I have never understood why one cannot change default association for MIDI files... /: )


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