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Looking for more IBM OS/2 Courseware - Check your basement!

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Martin Iturbide:

I'm still looking for more IBM OS/2 Courseware ( like:
- WS340    OS/2 Warp Server Update
- WS730    OS/2 Warp Server Administration Workshop I
- WS740    OS/2 Warp Server Administration Workshop II
- WS750    OS/2 Warp Server Connectivity and Advanced Features
- WS760    OS/2 Warp Server Service and Support
- WS730  OS/2 Warp Server Administration Workshop IOS/2 Warp Server Administration Workshop I
- WC61 (WW) / WC610 (NA)    OS/2 Warp 4 Implementation    
- WC63 (WW)/WC630 (NA)    Getting Connected with OS/2 Warp 4
- WC62 (WW)/WC620 (NA)    OS/2 Warp 4 Advanced Features and Support
- WC30 (WW) / WC300 (NA)    OS/2 Warp Connect to OS/2 Warp 4 Update
- P1170    OS/2 Warp: Using and Customizing
- P1171    OS/2 Warp: Implementation and Support
- P1103    OS/2 Technical Training Fastpath
- P1169    OS/2 Warp Fundamentals       
- PS600    PS600 - Using and Customizing OS/2 WARP Version 3Using and Customizing OS/2 WARP Version 3       
- PS610    OS/2 WARP V3 - Installation and Support       
- PS630    Supporting OS/2 WARP Clients
- N1934E    Object-Oriented Programming With C++ on OS/2   
- N1938E    An Introduction To C as a Foundation for C++ on OS/2   
- K3604    Introduction to C Programming on the PC       
- P1067    OS/2 V2 PM Programming Using C++ and ICL:UI       
- PS060    OS/2 Warp REXX Programming       
- S7027    Introduction to OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming       
- S7031    Advanced Topics in OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming     
- N1750    Building OS/2 Device Drivers
- N1688    Presentation Manager 2.x for Software Developers   
- N1745    Workplace Shell Programming with SOM    
- N1744    Presentation Manager: Windowing & Graphics    
- N1742    Presentation Manager Device Drivers
- N1743    OS/2 Problem Diagnosis and Resolution
- N1746    CN17460C/N1760 - OS/2 2.x for 1.x Developers
- OS2DD101 - OS/2 Physical Device Drivers (PDD)
- OS2DD201 - OS/2 Virtual Device Driver (VDD)
- OS2DD302 - OS/2 Graphics Accelerator Driver
- OS2DD303 - OS/2 Adapter Device Driver (ADD)
- OS2DD304 - Pointer Device Drivers
- OS2DD305 - OS/2 Device Manager/Filter (DMD/FLT)
- OS2DD306 - Printer Device Drivers
- OS2DD307 - Industrial Control Device Drivers
- OS2DD308 - NDIS-MAC LAN Device Drivers
- OS2DD309 - OS/2 Multimedia Device Driver (PDD)
- OS2DD402 - OS/2 SMP Device Drivers
- G4501 - OS/2 Communications Networking Workshop
- E441 (WW)/ N2028 (US) - Communications Server for OS/2 Warp and PCOMM Workshop
- PS90C - OS/2 Warp V3 Problem Determination Workshop I - Application Trap Analysis
- PS900 - OS/2 Warp V3 Problem Determination Workshop 1 - Application Trap
- P1191/P1191E - Warp Debug Tools: Diagnosing Traps in Privileged Code
- P1097/P1097E - Warp Debug Tools: Using the System Trace
- P1098 - WARP Debug Tools: Diagnosing Hangs
- educ950c - OS/2 Warp System Debug Tools: Basic Skills for Low-Level Program Diagnosis
- dbugllpd - OS/2 Warp System Debug Tools - Basic Skills for Low-Level Program Debugging
- educ960c/dbugdtap - OS/2 Warp System Debug Tools: Diagnosing Traps in Application Programs
- educ097c - OS/2 Warp System Debug Tools: Using the System Trace Effectively
- educ980c - OS/2 Warp System Debug Tools: Diagnosing Hangs

If something was not public on it's time because IBM copyright was on it, I can take a chance and ask the IBM lawyers to authorize the republishing since now it is obsolete documentation. I had good results with some old books and courseware.

Please check your basements, libraries, attic, if you have some of this, or something else please contact me.


Martin Iturbide:

I just from IBM Permission to republish on the EDM/2 Wiki and the OS2World Wiki these documents:

    Control Program Programming Guide and Reference
    GPI Guide and Reference
    Presentation Manager Programming Guide and Reference
    System Object Model Programming Guide
    System Object Model Programming Reference
    Workplace Shell Programming Reference
    Workplace Shell Programming Guide

Even that is not a great breakthrough because it is already online it is good to have it legally available as a backup. I will put it in several formats (PDF, DOCX, ODT and INF) in the next days.

I'm still looking for the more difficult material to find, any OS/2 IBM Courseware (posted before). If anybody found some of this, please let me know to scan it and request formal permission to republish it.

The courseware I was able to find (two courses / OS/2 Warp Server for e-business and OS/2 2.1 for Software Developers) has already been published on the OS2World Wiki with permission.


Martin Iturbide:

I just posted:
- OS/2 Warp Communication Seminar 1995 - German
- OS/2 Version 2.1 - Architektur und Funktionens (German)

Thanks to IBM and the guy that did all the scanning :)

Please, I'm still looking for more "courseware material" listed on the first post. If you find any, please let me know.


Martin Iturbide:

Please help me out to find more material (the ones that I requested on the first post) or if you have something else you may contact me in private at

I just got permission to republish the "IBM OS/2 Merlin Training Services".

It consist on several presentation files of the following topics:
- Merlin HPFS by Doug Azzarito
- OS/2 Kernel Changes by Wayne Pastuszenski, Brien Muschett, Mike Tran, Allen Ramlow , Gary Elliott, Tatchi Lay, Brenda Acosta.
- OpenGL Level 1 and 2 Service by Suzy Deffeyes / Dave Zenz
- Tips, Hints, for Service. Warp 4.0 Performance. by Robert Paulsen and Rich Wahl - 1996-Sep-18
- PM Controls: Merlin Visuals. By Mike Walker, Tom Bellwood, Merle Sterling
-- File Transfer Protocol Daemon (FTPD) by bryfrey@rtpnotes /
-- INSTALL/UINSTALL TIPS George McMullen and Barry Myers
-- OS/2 TCP/IP Installation (INSTALL.EXE) George McMullen and Barry Myers
-- TCP/IP Version 4 for Merlin Overview by Terri Perrone
-- TCP/IP V3.5 For WS 4.0 SMP Feature by James Gillig and Chao-Chun Wang
-- Winsock 1.1 for OS/2 by Merideth Norris, Alfred Daun , Andre Asselin


Martin Iturbide:

Just to remind everybody that I'm still looking for any hints about the IBM material posted on the first page.
If anybody found any of this printed material please let me know. We can ask IBM formal permission to re-post it online.



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