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Looking for more IBM OS/2 Courseware - Check your basement!

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Howdy Howdy...
Once I get resettled (need to find a new direction in life) I will let Martin and everyone know what the plan is as far as the disposition of my vast 'IBM Show' software collection...I may go ahead and sell on an eClassified -a site in LA, when the time comes...TIA jon

Post Script...
I can also be messaged @ my face gook site...

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Jon.

Please let me know what you have related to OS/2. I'm still looking for the things posted on this forum thread.


Martin Iturbide:

Sometime ago I got permission to republish WarpOnline (non IBM). But I was only able to find one issue. (Volume 1, Issue 3 - June, 1996 - WOL0696.EXE )
That issue was republished at WarpOnline on the OS2World Wiki

If someone have these files:
- WOL1096.EXE
- WOL0496.EXE
- WOL0596.EXE
- WOL0696.EXE
- WOL0796.EXE
- WOL0896.EXE
Please let me know.

This is the archived source just in case.


Ian Manners: Warp Online magazine issue 05/96 Warp Online magazine issue 06/96 Warp Online magazine issue 07/96          Warp Online magazine issue 04/96 german          Warp Online magazine issue 05/96 german          Warp Online magazine issue 06/96 german          Warp Online magazine issue 07/96 german           Warp Online magazine issue 08/96 german

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Ian.


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