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Looking for more IBM OS/2 Courseware - Check your basement!

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Martin Iturbide:

I had also completed the formality to have IBM's republishing permission for:

IBM Solution Developer Support (IBM External Submission #29315):

    How to convert from 2.1 base video into 3.0 base video in order to take advantage of the monitor configuration feature of the 3.0 system icon
    Device Drivers for OS/2 2.x are compatible with OS/2 Warp V3 and do not require additional modifications.
    Driver Development Support Center's (DDSC) Cyber DUDE
    OS/2 keyboard translate table design
    Developing NDIS LAN device drivers FAQ
    How do I get started writing OS/2 device drivers
    OS/2 OO Books: A Roadmap
    Video Playback - No Audio Bug
    Some Watcom Compiler Tips from DUDE Users

DDK (IBM External Submission #29315):

    Introduction to DASD, SCSI and CD-ROM Programming Interfases
    Developer Guide for OS/2 for SMP Version 2.11
    OS/2 Resource Manager Architecture (1994)
    Device Driver FAQ
    OS/2 Hardware Compatibility List 1995
    OS/2 & LAN Systems Development Tools Guide
    New XGA Display Driver Entry Points
    New VGA Display Driver Entry Points
    Developer Connection DDK Transitional Questions and Answers
    NDIS Implementation Information for IBM LAN Systems - OS/2 Messaging and National Language Support
    Sample Code Chunks, From a Device Driver

Links to the material on this EDM/2 wiki page.

And also "The OS/2 Development Tools Guide - Spring 1993 (G326-0326-00)" (Permission #29210 )

I'm still looking for more IBM material (like couseware) to ask permission and make it public for everyone to read.
The work on EDM/2 is still going on, and moving forward to try to have all OS/2 development material consolidated there.


Martin Iturbide:

I'm trying to find these magazines issues to include them to the collection:

IBM Personal Systems Developer
- Vol 1 - Nov 1988 - G362-0001-00
- Vol 1 - Feb 1989 - G362-0001-01
- Vol 1 - Summer 1989 - G362-0001-02
- Vol 1 - Fall 1989 - G362-0001-03
- Vol2 - Winter 1990 - G362-0001-04
- Vol2 - Spring 1990 - G362-0001-05
- Vol2 - Summer 1990 - G362-0001-06
- Vol2 - Fall 1990 - G362-0001-07
- Vol3 - Winter 1991 - G362-0001-08

The rest of the collection is linked on the EDM/2.


Martin Iturbide:

Just as a curious note, on this document ("IBM and Microsoft Software Newsletter. Statement of  Direction" / page 47) I found some other OS/2 education courses that IBM used to provide on 1989.

So, I included those on the IBM Courseware Wiki page, hopefully if someone find some of this, we can scan it and I can request IBM permission to republish it for all of us.



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