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Looking for more IBM OS/2 Courseware - Check your basement!

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Martin Iturbide:

Robert, I sent you an e-mail. If you find any material of this thread, please let me know and work out to ask permission and put it online.

I was able to find again SC26-4583-00 and SC34-4399-00. Both are linked in .BOO format. I'm asking for permission to republish those just in case.  Here are the links again:


Gordon Snider:
Hi Martin,
on Oct 22, 2017 you were looking for hard copies of Personal Systems Magazine.  Did you ever find those?  I have 9 random issues of that magazine from 1990, '91, '92, '93.  Also 2 issues of Personal Software from '94 and '95.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Gordon, thanks.

I had found some magazine issues that are hosted on the Internet Archive:
- Personal Systems Magazine
- IBM Personal Software Magazine

There are some missing on the list, the ones that do not have links.

Can you please let me know which issues do you have, and check which one we don't have already digitized and online?
After that we can think what to do next.


Gordon Snider:
OK, if I'm reading this right you already have all the Personal Systems mags I have.

I have two issues of Personal Software that don't seem to have links: 
Issue I, 1994
Issue 2, 1995

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Gordon. I just sent you a private message from this forum.


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