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Looking for more IBM OS/2 Courseware - Check your basement!

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Martin Iturbide:

It is hard to get the IBM DUDE Driver Material.
I can not found anybody that tells that has something.

- OS/2 Adapter Device Drivers (ADD)
- OS/2 Physical Device Drivers (POD)
- OS/2 Virtual Device Drivers (VDD)
- OS/2 Graphics Accelerator Driver
- OS/2 MultiMedia Device Drivers
- OS/2 Physical Device Drivers (POD)
- OS/2 Device Managers/Filters (DMD/FLT)
- OS/2 SMP Device Drivers
- OS/2 Virtual Device Drivers (VDD)
- OS/2 Physical Device Drivers (POD)
- NDIS-MAC LAN Device Drivers
- OS/2 MultiMedia Device Drivers

I just found this (check attachment) but it is not much.


Martin Iturbide:

I got permission from IBM to republish this material on the OS2World Wiki, EDM and Internet Archive. I know it is not "hard to find material" but it is good to have the formal permission to have it posted on the web.

I will be posting it on the Internet Archive in the next days.  Please keep checking your basements for more hard to find OS/2 documentation.

IBM OS/2 Toolkit Information (IBM Copyright Permission #25218)

    IBM OS/2 16/32-bit Linear eXecutable Module Format (LX) Specification
    ADDENDUM.INF Programming Guide and Reference Addendum.
    ALPREF.INF ALP Programming Guide and Reference .
    DNAL1MST.INF SystemView Agent DMI Programmer's Guide .
    DPIL1MST.INF SystemView Agent DMI Programmer's Guide.
    MMAPG.INF Multimedia Application Programming Guide.
    MMREF1.INF Multimedia Programming Reference, Part 1 of 3 .
    MMREF2.INF Multimedia Programming Reference, Part 2 of 3 .
    MMREF3.INF Multimedia Programming Reference, Part 3 of 3 .
    MMSSPG.INF Multimedia Subsystem Programming Guide .
    NMAKE32.INF Enhanced Program Maintenance Utility (NMAKE32).
    OGLBASE.INF OpenGL Programming Reference .
    OMFREF.HTM IBM OS/2 16/32-bit Object Module Format (OMF) Specification
    OPEN32.INF Open32 Programming Guide and Reference .
    PDGUIDE.INF Problem Determination Programmer's Guide .
    PMBDTECH.INF Bidirectional Language Programming Guide .
    RC16.INF Legacy Resource Compiler Guide and Reference .
    REXXPG.INF Object REXX Programming Guide .
    RXSTRING.TXT RXSTRING Library of Functions.
    SG244640.INF The OS/2 Debugging Handbook (SG24-4640-00) .
    SRVFPQR.INF OS/2 Server Family Programming GReference .
    TCPPR.INF TCP/IP Version 4.21 Programming Reference .
    TOOLSREF.INF Tools Reference .
    UNIAPI.htm Unicode Programming Reference .
    USETLKT.INF Using Your Toolkit .
    XPG4REF.INF C Library Reference.


Martin Iturbide:

There is still a lot of IBM OS/2 material a was not able to find. I will like to add today to my missing list:

- GG24-4165-00 – 1993 – Experiences with SOMobjects: Distributed System Object Model
- GG24-4357-00  - July 1994 - SOMobjects: A Practical Introduction to SOM and DSOM

Let me know if you find something to request IBM republishing permission.


Martin Iturbide:

Yesterday I got permission from IBM to republish the articles from the "Personal Systems Magazine" that was stored online. (reference). The only difference on this permission is that IBM can not be 100% sure they own the copyrights of it, so they agreed to be republished if belongs to IBM, but in case someone complains I will need to take down the article.

I will be splitting the articles between the OS2World Wiki and EDM/2 (if the article is development related), but I will start first by organizing the articles on this page: "Personal Systems Magazine"

But I have a little problem here, I was only able to find the "online articles" so I'm missing several articles of the printed edition. If someone has a copy of the printed magazines, please scan it or send it to me so I can ask permission to republish the complete issue.

Let's keep working little by little to have as much as possible OS/2 documentation online !!!


Martin Iturbide:

I just finished the republishing of the "Personal Systems Magazine" to the wiki. I was only able to republish the articles from the old web site, please if you have any of those printed magazines please let me know.



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