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David McKenna:
 Open Office 3.4 for eCS? A couple of months ago there were some developers test releases, but nothing since. Anyone have any news?

I have wondered the same thing. With all (other) respect to Mensys, reliable release dates and official information is not one of their strong sides.

Hi All

I'm sure I've seen a post somewhere stating that OO3.4.0 will be included in eCS2.2

I have also had an email response from Mensys stating that the problems I've seen with previous OO3 releases have not been resolved so that ends my interest in that "office" package -  OO3 to date has been totally unreliable and crashes whenever I try to do anything useful with it.

If/When OO3 becomes useable I may reconsider my decision to not bother renewing my eCS Subscription.

For most of my simple needs OO115 running using ar5os2.exe still works well enough - and if I do need to open a later format document I have to boot WindowsXP in VirtualPC  where OO3.4.1 runs fine.

So frustrating having to boot a virtual machine simply to use a current "office" package...



Too bad to hear Pete. I have followed your long term problems with OO on news.ecomstation.com, but have never experienced them myself. On the contrary OO has proven to be quite reliable here at my end. However, one of the bad things with OO is that i sometimes feels a lilttle clumsy and slow and I wish it could be as light and fast as Lotus Smart Suite. If Smartsuite had updated import/export modules for the current document formats I would doubtless use it, in spite of the absent antialias.

Roderick Klein:
We have an internal release ready.

We are working on trying to load the DLL's from Open office into the high memory area of OS/2. We are already having some success with Firefox.
By doing this the lower shared memory issue's with OS/2 and the associates hangs of the desktop should going away.

This is a a feature we have been trying to get in previous open office versions as the loading of these large DLL's into lower shared memory reduces the uptime of an OS/2 system.

Roderick Klein
Mensys B.V.


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