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Here it detects the right location, can't seem to post the ini file as attachment .

Jan-Erik Lärka:

Thank you guzzi for the feedback!

Hope you all don't mind that it tries to do find the position automatically.



--- Quote from: Jan-Erik Lärka on March 03, 2013, 09:58:00 pm ---//-----
Please do try to delete the file and run the command:
OpenWeather geo CITY Goteborg
(yes without the dots over it) to set info for Gothenburg
You can then use just the command OpenWeather to update the info for Gothenburg. -------//

--- End quote ---

That worked fine! Also tried some other smaller places in Sweden. It seems to quite well chose bigger nearby cities. E.g.  "OpenWeather geo CITY Veddige" returned data for Varberg, while "OpenWeather geo CITY Kungsater" returned data for Kinna. This is really quite good!

Jan-Erik Lärka:
Thank you melf, very good information!

I'll have to adjust a line in the code to allow you to not find the nearest city but stop on the nearest weather station as you specify the longitude and latitude.

The code has to be corrected as it now set Elur, India as the nearest town if you try to replace a city with a new one.


I noticed something strange. The weather wasn't correct, so I looked at the location and noticed I was suddenly in Rotterdam near Schenectady:-)
After using it with the City parm it was correct again and I'm back in the Netherlands, even when using without the parm...


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