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How long is a HPFS CHKDSK?

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Hi Erich,

The VM container size has nothing to do with the partition size or the number of partitions in it.

I may be old fashioned but we always make a small HPFS boot partition which is then imaged using DFSee to allow a restore should there be problems. A second, or more, JFS partition is used for everything else (because of the work we do we do use more partitions to keep classes of work separated).

Google XR_C006 this is/was a beta fixpak from IBM testcase that works with most versions of Warp 4 and its derivatives.  It will give you LVM and the necessary support files as well as OS2DASD.DMD that is necessary for large partitions.

You might also consider using UPDCD to create an updated CD that includes all the fixes and other updates that you can then use to build your OS/2 VM without all the problems of updating a bit at a time. 


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