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Looking for OS/2 Developer Magazine Articles

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Martin Iturbide:

I'm looking for the Christina Lau's SOM/DSOM articles on OS/2 Developer Magazine.
I got permission to publish them on the EDM/2 Wiki.

If anybody can help me scanning this articles please contact me.

Martin Iturbide

Ian B Manners:
Hi Martin,

I had a box of OS/2 Developer Magazine's here, will look after Christmas, think they are in the far back corner of my shed, only because I can remember thinking I wont need them in a hurry ... typical ...

Hopefully someone else has copies a bit easier to get to.

Martin Iturbide:
If someone can scan some of the article and send it over, I will take charge of putting them on EDM/2.

Other articles from that magazine are also welcome, I can try contacting the authors too.

Ian B Manners:
Hi Martin,

I'm putting off digging the mags out, where they are in the shed is cool but I have to take all the boxes and other stuff out and leave in the heat while I get to them.

We are due for a cool change in a few days when it will only be 35C  :-)


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Ian.

Let me know when it can be possible for you to get them. There is no rush, but for the moment nobody else has replied to me, so you seem to be my only hope to get those articles.



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