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Paul Smedley:

--- Quote from: Ian Manners on December 31, 2012, 05:05:07 am ---Hi Martin,

I'm putting off digging the mags out, where they are in the shed is cool but I have to take all the boxes and other stuff out and leave in the heat while I get to them.

We are due for a cool change in a few days when it will only be 35C  :-)


--- End quote ---

Looks like the heat arrives here on Thursday - we've been hovering in the low 30's, but due for 42C on Thursday and Friday :)

Ian B Manners:
Hi Paul,

Only got to 31 today BUT it was a bad heavy humid 31, overcast no rain, Yesterday was a lot better, 42 and no humidity due to the north east wind.

Ian B Manners:
Hi Martin,

I have several boxes of software, redbooks, and other assorted OS/2 programming books etc but haven't found any of my magazines. I've even found Basil's (newsgroups - ibm hardware fame) RS/6000 powersupply that I will have another look at one day. I know I have 2 boxes of magazines here, they were given to me by IBM's in both Sydney and Melbourne. I'll have to look a bit harder but I cant think of were else I would have put them. I'm sure I didn't give them to someone else.

Now that I've got all the boxes out I'll start cataloging what I have and put a list on os2site.com.
After I've played around with Neon Grafix with the dongle that I got from Voytek in Sydney. :)

Martin Iturbide:
I'm still looking for this ones.

Any help is welcome :)


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