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Per E. Johannessen:
Does anyone know where to obtain a copy of VX-Rexx 2.1 client/server?

Per E. Johannessen:
When searching for vx-rexx I found the message quoted below in a news groups.
It mentions that "It's a no brainer to get around the file save limit".
Well, I've not yet disovered how to do that  :-\

Kim Cheung    6/25/02
On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 20:22:48 -0000, zjsm...@os2world.com wrote:

>All I can find on Hobbes is:
>        1) v2.1 Client/Server Demo

This is actually a very good version.   It's a no brainer to get around the
file save limit.

>        2) Successive patches from 1.0 to 1.01c
>        3) Successive patches from 2.0 to 2.00c
>        4) Successive patches from 2.1 CE to 2.1d
>        5) Successive patches from 2.1 SE to 2.1d
>Nothing that will take me from 2.0 to 2.1!?

Really?   Mmm.....

>I keep looking for 2.1 on ebay but no luck so far.  Do you have any
>other suggestions about where I might find this?

I do have unopened VX-REXX 2.1 but I am reserving it for people that can
implement additional objects.

We are working to try to convince Watcom to let us at least distribute the
binaries - and possibily open source VX-REXX itself.   Nothing definite yet
but keep your fingers across....

Alex Taylor:
It would be inappropriate for me to describe how to circumvent restrictions designed into the demo version, but it's not that difficult to figure out once you start thinking in the right direction.  8)

Quite incidentally, I might as well put out the following information which could be useful to any VX-REXX developer, for things like crash recovery.  ;)

Normally, saving a VX-REXX a project generates three files: xxxx.VRX (ASCII file containing the REXX function source), xxxx.VRY (binary file containing the window resources) and xxxx.VRP (ASCII file containing the project definition and metadata) – if you have additional code files, these are also saved as whatever.VRX.

Whenever you 'Run' a VX-REXX app from the designer, it creates a temporary directory under %TMP%, into which it writes various working files.  These files don't quite have the usual file extensions, but it's pretty easy to figure out the correspondences. (You can ignore all the files ending in .MMW and .CMD.)  This feature has saved me on several occasions when I suffered a VX-REXX or system crash/hang before managing to properly save my project.

Per E. Johannessen:
Thanks, that's good to know when someone will sell me a copy  :o 

Per E. Johannessen:
Does anyone have any sample programs/sources for VX-Rexx and odbc-databases?
Ie. forms with calculated fields.
(The samples that come with VX-rexx are for DB2 or Watcom.)


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