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Re: How to improve the installer of OS/2?
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I think its time the people in the community stop having this negative attitude towards YUM.
It makes no sense. Yeh it has issue's but problems can and should be fixed.

We already discussed this subject and I think we already have listed the good and bad about RPM/YUM. While I'm "sucking it up" with RPM/YUM because it is very good to install dependencies, I really hope that the "YUMIE thing" will be a step forward. But from what I had been told having the option to move away the FHS from the root drive is not on their plan.

Neither of us can say what the community should stop taking about, if it is your opinion is good, but it does not mean that we should stop having a positive or negative attitude towards a software on this platform and be silent about it. A community is just a bunch of people that may have different opinions and I want to keep it a free space for people to talk about this platform.


Its a free world. But certain discussions thst just revolve around issue's that in todays small community
are if little use to the community. I have heard sometimes so much bashing to RPM.
While most of gcc work is done by a hand full of people.

I think as having worked on the installer at Mensys and have given so many customers until last year (before i left Mensys). I kind of know where the problems are.

That people do not like yum. Thats fine. But so far i have not heard people that complain, work on an alternative! And maybe some of the developrs working on gcc ports have got a reason to use rpm ? Of which a lot of software is provided free of charge!

And maybe its time to consider the grand picture and not just your private hard disc.
As I said people left os/2 partly because of the application update issue.
I know also normal users are out their still using os/2 and they are not as knowledgable on os/2 as some os2world members.
A yum/rpm with gui would make live easier.

I am an OS/2 user since  Warp 4. I remember the installation procedure of OS/2 4. It wasn't user friendly!
The same with the Fixpacks and the other fixes.

At that time, installing Windows and its Service packs was much easier.

Also having an easier update of the programs would be appreciated.