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Martin Iturbide:
Some years ago we launched an IRC channel for but it never had enough traction.

The channel is on the efnet and can be accessed if you have chatzilla installed on firefox with this link.

I connect frequently to this channel from time to time, and there is no activity, I'm the only member on it.

So my question is, would there be someone with more experience creating IRC bot, and hanging out on IRC wanting to collaborate taking over the channel ? (well, it is the efnet, so it is like the wild west there).

Also, is there any interest on group, online chat rooms on the community ?

Any comments are welcome.

I checked it out a few times and there's seldom someone online.

Ian B Manners: also seems to have gone.

I'm also irc:// (part of eCS IRC Network) and there isn't much happening there either, though occasionally there is
some activity on a sub channel.

IRC seems to be a all or nothing thing with users, I think its easier with a forum, and IRC just brings images of CC bots these days.

Martin Iturbide:
I generally connect  to five channels I connect when I log on to IRC:

- irc://freenode/netlabs  I think is the IRC active OS/2-eCS channel. 22 users aprox.
- irc://efnet/osfree there is some kind of activity from time to time.  (5 users aprox.)
- irc://efnet/os2<censored> is also active from time to time, but there is no more <censored> on it :)  (10 users aprox)
- irc://efnet/os2russian has activity from the Russians kernel developers. (it is all in russian).  (10 users aprox)
- irc://efnet/os2world,  Now we have two on it :)

About irc:// I list some of the channels, it seems very empty today.
===   #osfree 1
===   #ecs 5 -  eComStation international channel - eCS Demo CD
===   #ecomstation 2
===   #eCSru 2  - eCS - òÕÓÓËÏÑÚÙÞÎÙÊ ËÁÎÁÌ

I will follow irc:// too, just to see if the discussion rises there.

It seems that IRC does not have

Martin Iturbide:
Even that IRC may not be a hot service on the internet today, I still value the group chat in real time. But possible we don't have a critical mass to put efforts on IRC services.


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