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  Anyone knows what happened to osFree website?
  I have noticed some activity on SourceForge svn, but it seems the site has gone away.


  Daniel Caetano

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Daniel.

On the last Os2World crash (end of 2012) the site went down. Valery is still coding for that project, and I had moved the domain to a newer direction. I think they are going to put back the server soon. 

You can connect to the IRC to #osfree (efnet) and talk to valerius there. I always find him on the morning (South America time) connected.

I just tried it (03-23-2013) and it seems to be back up again. One can get .iso images from the site.
There seems to be some activity at their forum

Hi All

The forum link works for me but both other links result in:-

DokuWiki Setup Error

The datadir ('pages') at /var/www/doku/data/pages is not found, isn't accessible or writable. You should check your config and permission settings. Or maybe you want to run the installer?

I decide against running an unknown installer...




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