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A little help with OS/2 Warp Architecture Components

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Martin Iturbide:

I'm trying to build a graphic with the OS/2 Warp and eComStation architecture component.
I want to make a graphic inspired on some I had see for Linux and MacOS X like this ones.  Something at a very high level and based on Warp 4.52 - eComStation 2.x


I have this draft version:

But I still miss:
- where does DIVE, DART or GPI goes? ohh and OpenDoc.
-  I guess DSOM should be in same block as SOM, right?
- Uhm.. no idea what goes in Ring 2.  Is there any specific component names that goes there?
- Any suggestions on how to improve the graphic?

I know we may not reach a 100% agreements since this is only a visual representation at a high level, and sometimes we really like to dig as deep as possible, but your comments are welcome.

I hope that at the end I can write something and post it on EDM/2.

Dave Yeo:
I don't think anything uses ring 2 in any OS. OS/2 is unique in using ring 1, namely for DOS device drivers, and even the OS/2 device drivers don't all run completely in ring 0 IIRC.  Used to have an ATI video driver which during boot advertised that it had a ring 0 component and IIRC IBM and MS had a falling out over whether the video system should be in ring 0 or not with MS pushing for ring 0 for speed and IBM more interested in stability back in the OS/2 1.x days.
Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can verify my memory.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dave, thanks for the reply.

About the rings I was using this reference from "OS/2 Architecture - A Programmer's Overview (Scott E. Garfinkle, 2000)"

It says:
"Ring 0: Kernel, Device Drivers, Filesystems
Ring 1: Not used
Ring 2: "IOPL" -- mostly print and video
Ring 3: Everything else"

That's why I was drawing it that way.

Dave Yeo:
My apologies, mixed up ring 1 and ring 2.


  Hi Martin,
  This is really a nice attempt. I am impressed that this kind of OS/2 representation is not found on the internet.  :o
  As a comment, I am not sure that the "ring division" is the most adequate to describe a high level view architeture, since sometimes it does not represent what is seem by the programmer. Also, I donĀ“t know if it is "accurate" to eclipse the kernel with the Loader; AFAIK, loader is put aside after the kernel is loaded, so it shoud be a "base" for part of the kernel, instead of being on top of it.
   This book ( http://www.amazon.com/Designing-High-Powdered-Warp-Applications-Multithreaded/dp/047111586X ) has some sketches that may help improving your great work. :)
   I can scan some of those pages if you want to (since I own this book), which was of great help when designing the application developed on my MSc. thesis. :)


   Daniel Caetano


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