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Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---Quote from: André Heldoorn on Today at 05:35:19 pm

--- Quote ---FWIW: according to the help of this version of PMMail/2 (installed, but not in use), you can use an external editor.
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Link or citation?
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Yes, that is true. You can do the same in PMMail 3.x. If you edit mail with the external editor, and if the editor has a suitable dictionary, you can spell check your work with it. I am not too sure how well languages, other than English, would work. PMMail 3.x knows how to convert special characters to something that the e-mail system can handle. I don't think PMMail 2.x knows about that, so you would need a filter to do it. Personally, I always found the external editor feature to be more bother than it is worth, but I was always able to use the US English only built in spell checker by adding changed words (not many) to the personal dictionary. BTW, that still works, with PMMail 3.x, if you don't install ASpell support, but ASpell does a MUCH better job, and it supports more languages properly. At one time, I even had Lotus Smartsuite working as the external editor, but it was way too slow to load, and you had to pay attention to use the proper save format. I expect that OpenOffice would also work.

FWIW, you could probably make a filter to run ASpell on messages in PMMail 2.x, if you can figure it out. I am not sure how you would get feedback to indicate errors, and allow them to be fixed.

The filter mechanism (once it is fixed, to work properly) is probably the most powerful part of PMMail. It could do everything that the new PMMail can do, if you can figure out how to do it, but it would be an awkward thing to use.


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