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Per E. Johannessen:

Anyone happen to have OnCmd for OS/2 for sale?

Martin Iturbide:

The website is still available: http://www.onlinedata.com/


Per E. Johannessen:
Yes, I noticed that but it hasn't been updated since 1998. Have e-mailed them and hopefully I'll receive a reply.

Martin Iturbide:

Let me know if they reply. I'm trying to find the name of the On-Line Data CEO to see if something else can be done with its OS/2 software like turning it freeware or open source.


Per E. Johannessen:
Just received a disappointing reply:

"OnCmd for OS/2 is not an active product for us so we can be of assistance to you at this time.  We have multiple current ongoing projects and the best I can do for now is to add your interest to our list and do not expect that we could look at it any time soon and for a single opportunity it may not proceed at all."

Still the software is listed for sale at their web-site !?


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