Author Topic: Neo OS/2: some development questions  (Read 1919 times)

Eugene Gorbunoff

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Neo OS/2: some development questions
« on: October 26, 2015, 12:17:23 am »
Q1: How to detect Neo OS/2?  (Blue Lion, Arca Noae OS/2)? What file to check? what registry line? what syslevel?

Q2: What System installer of application is default? WarpIn or RPM?

Q3: What is the mailing list for developers, standalone developers? There were mailing lists for eComStation since 90-th / 2000. So the developers could discuss hot topics.

Q4: What is the reward for standalone developers which collaborate with Arca Noae? Do you provide free Neo OS/2 licenses? Free Arca Noae subscription, etc?

Q5: What File System Structure is selected for Neo OS/2? // the developers have elaborated eComStation File System Structure in the past.

Neil Waldhauer

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Re: Neo OS/2: some development questions
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2015, 01:45:45 pm »
These are good questions, Eugene. Let me add a feature request, either for Blue Lion developers or for interested third parties. I would welcome a converged library of the Rexx routines used int Blue Lion. Besides the Rexxutil, there are several libraries used by the OS developers, like lvm, sputils, and others. At least list and describe them, but in the best world, recompile or enhance them. Our users like to use Rexx. Superior Rexx support and documentation will please a lot of people.
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