Author Topic: Suntan Special v0.64 released  (Read 16014 times)

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Suntan Special v0.64 released
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:51:48 am »
The newest release of Suntan Special, version 0.64 is available. Suntan Special is a system configuration tool that installs and maintains a collection of useful software to OS/2 or eComStation systems.

Current Suntan Special users are entitled to a free upgrade to 0.64. The upgrade may be downloaded by using the update feature of Suntan Special.

The price of Suntan Special is $24.95 ($39.95 outside the USA) including media, an instruction booklet and shipping.

Version 0.64 is a bug fix and applications refresh. Thanks to current users whose many suggestions have been incorporated in the new version of Suntan Special.
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