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MSI Wind Box DC110 mini-PC packs Windows 8, Celeron power and eCS?

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If it could run Windows 8, why not eComStation? Could it work?

Perhaps one could use the ISOStick to install it with?

It might work IF you can get the drivers for the various intel subsystems, video, chipset, lan, wireless lan and so on.

But as one commentator says, why spend that much when you can get a laptop with keyboard and screen for about half the price.

As for the isostick thing, there was something similar a few years ago that only really worked with windows and it appears that this is not much different.  Perhaps you couldn't use it for anything OS/2 related.

'Does isostick work with Apple computers?
Yes! You can even use isostick to install MacOS X, provided you convert the disc image from DMG to ISO first.

Note: isosel will not work with older PowerPC-based Macs, see the related isosel question below.'
From the FAQ's on the ISO Stick site.

Perhaps it could work with non-win os's?

If one could install eCS from an USB optical drive, there would be no need for the Iso Stick.  8)

Hi Tom

You *can* install eCS from a USB attached CD/DV drive. I cannot remember whether this was an option with eCS 1.2 but it is in eCS2.0 .




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