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eComStation 2.2 Beta First Impressions

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Martin Iturbide:
Since today it is available for download "eComStation 2.2 Beta ISO" for software subscribers.

I was recommended to that if we found bugs to open it on the bugtracker (of check if it was already reported):

Also take notice of the recommendations on ""

Please post your first impressions. Give all detail you can !!

A hardware compatibility list for 2.2 would be great to have.

I intend to buy myself a H&S license once 2.2 is out and I'd to know if I have to change anything on my machine to get it running properly.

Hi Stanislav

If you post details of your hardware (mainboard chipset, lan, audio, video) there is a chance that you will get responses telling you what works - and what does not.

As far as I am aware we do not have USB3 or SATA3 support.
There is a good chance that audio will work with the uniaud driver and video with the Panorama driver (VESA mode); lan could be a problem, you may have to get a supported lan card to put in a PCI slot.



Roderick Klein:
Get a system with an Intel mainboard chipset and ethernet NIC for wired support and you should be OK.

Roderick Klein
Mensys B.V.

ISO file disappeared during loading?


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