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OS/2 Books and OpenLibrary


Martin Iturbide:

Without trying to set a high expectative I think it will be nice to help a little bit on the with the OS/2 books.

Some of the things that I found nice about it:
1) It is a part of the Internet Archive, which is a Public Library.
2) All changes there are Public Domain.
3) Internet Archive is not a corporation, it is a non-profit organization that is not goverment funded.

Check the books on the library I think it can be usefull to:
1) Help fix any missing information on the books (ISBN #, Tittle, Author name, etc) comparing it to the original book or other sources.
2) Help adding book covers
3) Adding tags so it can be easily related to OS/2. I found that some OS/2 books has this tags;
"OS/2 (Computer file), Operating systems (Computers)"
4) Donate OS/2 books to the "Internet Archive Book Drive". We don't know for sure when those are going to be scanned, but it is good they can have one copy to preserve it.

So, creating an account there is easy, editting the books information it is also very easy once you are logged. I think it can be fun to help there and also help preserve OS/2 knowledge.

What do you think? Remember that if does not applies to you or you don't want to help you don't need to reply.


Martin Iturbide:

I had been working this weekend on trying to organize some OS/2 books I was able to find. I had been trying to link the books are that are available on the OpenLibrary (Internet Archive) and some other sources, into a list to try to make it easier for the user to get related books in one page.

It had been sorted on:
OS2World Wiki
- List of OS/2 Books - English (Retail / Non-Programming)
- OS/2 Books and Documentation from IBM

EDM/2 Wiki
- List of OS/2 Software Development Related Books (Only Programming)
- IBM OS/2 Warp Development Related Redbooks (Only Programming)

If you want to help with suggestions, book reviews, pointers, links, etc... just let me know, we will see what can be done.
Also, people that like about books are always welcome to edit the to include more information about those.



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