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Applications / Re: Archive tool problem
« on: May 14, 2024, 06:35:03 pm »
Reinstalling any WPI that was included with AOS is really easy:

* mount the ArcaOS ISO file (doubleclick on it) or load the DVD you burned
* navigate to x:\CID\SERVER\ARCAPKG
* find the WPI you need and doubleclick on it
* ...done

Pretty much anything you'd want to (re)install can be found in one of the subdirectories of \CID\SERVER.

Programming / Re: ClassiCube porting thread
« on: May 07, 2024, 09:25:58 pm »
2) "args->filters" is effectively a PAPSZ pointer, that is, a pointer to an array of pointers where the last pointer in the variable array is a NULL pointer

This is not correct. There is absolutely no indication anywhere in the *OS/2* docs that that 'fileDialog.szFullFile' is anything other than a simple string. If you wanted to filter based on multiple extensions, you do it like this: "*.exe;*.cmd" using a semicolon, not a null, to separate the filters.

Regardless, the most appropriate way to determine whether this is the source of the problem (and I doubt it is) is to make the assignment as simple as possible:  strcpy(fileDialog.szFullFile, "*.*");

see the example code for the Windows implementation

Not helpful.

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 29, 2024, 06:34:16 pm »
I would like to just stick to the menu selection which would simply show that BLDLEVEL info in it's own pop-up

Why wait for someone to implement a feature that you can have _now_?

Open Properties for \os2\bldlevel.exe, and on the 'Session' page uncheck "Close window on exit". Then on the 'Association' page, add "*.DLL" and "*.EXE". Done! When you need this info, select 'Open as', then 'bldlevel.exe'.

FWIW... on my system, any info I may need about a binary is immediately at hand because I have associated 6 different utils with *.exe and *.dll. Some of these associations are program objects while others point at the exe itself:

Warning: you can *not* copy/paste from a VIO window whose app has terminated - it's instant death. If you need this ability, associate a simple .cmd file like this and leave "Close window on exit" checked:

@bldlevel %1

Applications / Re: LarsenCommander - new test version
« on: April 23, 2024, 12:18:14 am »
there are 5 entries [...] and you map them to your categories.

FWIW... you're not limited to just the 3 default fonts. Rather, you can use these entries as guidelines for setting the correct size of your preferred typeface. For example, if lcmd uses 'Helv' somewhere, you can get the entry for the category (say, "menu") but only pay attention to the size (use 'atol(...)). If 'Helv' has that point size, use it. Otherwise, go up or down at point _or_ substitute WarpSans (non-bold).

Do all this during init and save the results so you don't have to duplicate a lot of code. (Note: the default values in 'os2.ini' will never change during a session - they're only updated during shutdown - so there's no need to check for  new values.)

Applications / Re: LarsenCommander - new test version
« on: April 22, 2024, 10:29:43 pm »
I would like to have something that saves me some time grabbing by default font size (as XWP shows as default), but I understand that it is not easy to implement for each component described in the Font settings of lcmd.

It shouldn't be particularly hard: there are 5 entries under 'os2.ini->PM_SystemFonts'  [see below] and you map them to your categories. For example, 'PM_SystemFonts->Menus' maps to lcmd's 'AppWin.MenuBar' and its other menu settings.

DefaultFont: System Proportional - if this entry is missing/empty, assume 10 point SysPro

IconText:  WarpSans - this is mislabelled, it should be "Folder text" since it also is used for Details view
WindowText: WarpSans - standard dialog text

Menus: WarpSans Bold - both menubars and popups
WindowTitles:  WarpSans Bold

The key to using defaults while still allowing customization is *never* save the default value. That way you don't get stuck with a value that _used_ to be the default but isn't any longer.

Games / Re: Minecraft
« on: April 11, 2024, 07:52:17 pm »
How would I change the default browser settings?

You don't need a third-party app. Open any URL object's Properties to the 'Browser' tab, fill in the details, then press the 'Set Default' button below.The info ends up in os2.ini->WPURLDEFAULTSETTINGS->DefaultBrowserExe and ->DefaultWorkingDir.

perhaps DosStartSession() would be better to use.

If this is linked as a PM app or gets morphed into one, use WinStartApp() - much easier.

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 09, 2024, 07:19:40 pm »
XWP full does not enable by default the "Enable global object hotkeys".

I made the mistake of assuming it did, and that the settings on the Icon page would be disabled if the feature were disabled - neither of which was true. I've now fixed both.

In doing so, I found a bigger issue: XWP-Full starts with fewer features enabled than XWP-Lite/ANXWP. Since nothing in Lite is risky/experimental/controversial, I can't see any reason why Full shouldn't default to the same feature set as Lite. In the next version (1.0.17), it will. All the checkboxes will remain, only the ones that are checked by default will change.

BTW... this only affects new installations - upgrades will use your existing settings and shouldn't change anything.

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 05, 2024, 11:59:37 am »
This sub-thread is yet another good reason to use XWP-Lite/ANXWP: it comes preconfigured.

In XWP-Full, you need to check "XWorkplace Installation->XWorkplace Setup->Features->Mouse and Keyboard features->Enable global object hotkeys"

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: April 05, 2024, 11:56:19 am »
I do not have Dynamic Icons installed as, quite simply, it is broken.

How, exactly, is it broken (vs. merely deficient)? I've been using it for 6+ years and it WFM. There's a new version awaiting release that fixes most of the problems I found and uses a lot less memory. Hopefully it will work for you.

I wonder if that is causing the problem you are seeing?

How, exactly, would an add-on that replaces icons with bitmaps interfere with a keyboard feature? So, no, it isn't the cause (see below).

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: March 30, 2024, 05:02:03 pm »
About "Object Hotkey", I understand how it works. First, the Windows key does not work for it.

Before you can use the Win or Menu keys, you have to identify them to XWP. Go to 'System Setup->Keyboard->Function Keys', right-click, then select "New function key". Once they're registered, you can use them as Object Hotkeys but only as a stand-alone key, not a modifier like Shift/Ctrl/Alt.

And when I try to create a combination for it like "Shift+1" or "Ctrl+1" for a folder program object on the desktop, the key combination does not do anything. I was expecting it to open the object (open the folder or launch a program), but it does not work for me.

I tested this on several objects and it WFM. *Except*... you can't use "Shift 1" or Shift-anything because that generates a usable character. On an English keyboard, Shift-1 would turn the exclamation point (!) into a hotkey!

In OS/2 is set as a character key because of the keyboard driver? or because how XWP is coded?

I _think_ it's due to Presentation Manager. As I mentioned, when PM sends a character message to an app, it sets bit flags indicating whether Shift/Ctrl/Alt are down. They're stored in a 16-bit field along with 13 other flags, so there is no room to add another flag, even if IBM had wanted to. The 'Win95Key' utility is able to work around this because it doesn't pay attention to the flags and instead reads the keyboard's physical state to see what key(s) are currently pressed. That's OK for a specialized util but impractical for the average app.

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.16
« on: March 29, 2024, 04:38:52 pm »
When I add a hotkey, on the "Hotkey" field, I can only make key combinations that starts with the "Ctrl" and "Shift" key. ex:  "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A" or "Shift+Alt+A" (Pic_001)
There can not be combinations that start or uses the "Windows key" or "Win Menu" key.

On OS/2, the Win and Menu keys are just "character" keys not "shift" keys. What you're asking for is equivalent to asking "Why can't I use '<Tab>-9' or <F3>-Q' as a hotkey combo?". Shift/Ctrl/Alt set flags to indicate they were down when some other key was pressed. There just isn't a Win or Menu flag in OS/2.

2) Also, what if, on the "Parameter" list we include the functions that are also listed on the "Keyboard - Windows Key" (STYLER.EXE W) settings. ? (Picture #2)
Or maybe this makes no sense, because are "Folder Hotkeys" and you want to to executing non-folder actions there.

Maybe using an "Object Hotkey" which lets you set a key-combo to open an object will serve some of your needs. You can set this on the 'Icon' page of any object's notebook (e.g. have Dooble open when you press "Alt-Shift-D').

Applications / Re: XWorkplace Xview - Icon Size
« on: March 21, 2024, 05:52:16 pm »
Do you know if there is a way to increase the icon size on the "Xview" view in XWP?

If you want full-sized icons (40px), you can select View->Options and uncheck "Small icons".

It is something on xWorkplace or in DynamicIcons?

Dynamic Icons was designed to support one window per folder - it does not understand Xview's file-manager design. Now that I have a better idea of how Dynamic Icons works internally, I can see several ways to add support for Xview. The question I have is whether it is really appropriate to do so.

XWP is OSS licensed under the GPL. D.I. is proprietary software owned by ecoSoft that can only be distributed as part of AOS. Should I add support to XWP for a feature that only benefits some users - even if I can do it in a way that doesn't violate the GPL?

It would be more appropriate to add this support to D.I. but I don't own or control it. And quite honestly, I'm unwilling to work on profit-generating software without being paid for my efforts. As it happens, I just finished working on a major update to D.I. that AN did pay me for. But, are they willing to put out more money for yet another round of enhancements? I don't know.

Applications / Re: XWP 1.0.17: any availability date ?
« on: March 20, 2024, 05:11:07 pm »
Out of interest but also need (I had raised 2 tickets): is there a rough availability date for XWP 1.0.17 ?

Normally, I don't release a new version of XWP until there are enough new features and bug fixes to make it worth the user's time and effort to install it. That typically occurs every 12-18 months (the last one was released 4 1/2 months ago). As it happens, I think I've achieved this "critical mass" sooner than usual, so I expect to do a new one in the next several months.

I was curious and looked into the XWorkplace/XWPHelpers SVN repos but could not see any checkins from Rich. I therefore suspect that currently, he only has done the changes to his local copy.

I usually keep the Netlabs repo at the same level as the most recent release. Anyone who builds it himself and then runs into problems can compare his results to the released binaries to determine if he introduced the issue or if it was already there but hadn't been noticed before. Further, I don't think it's helpful for other builders to have to wade through my mistakes and delays (i.e. a commit, 2 fixes for that commit, another commit a month later to finish it, etc, etc.). Before I commit anything, I consolidate all of my patches for a given feature or bug-fix into a single coherent patch that can be rolled-back easily if the builder wishes.

Programming / Re: FAT32 vs FAT16
« on: March 20, 2024, 03:33:24 pm »
indeed I'm missing information but it doesn't exactly answer the question as to why lvmgui reports a partitions entry as corrupt if it's FAT16 and not when it's FAT32?

I didn't "exactly" answer your question because there are no valid answers to invalid questions.

You seem to be convinced that this is a FAT16/FAT32 problem. If it is, then changing the '06' to '0C' should fix it. Have you tried that? I'd be really, really amazed if it did because LVM doesn't care what filesystem is in use. It cares about whether the partition's start/end/size look valid and whether the corresponding DLAT info is present and valid. And from what you say, it isn't.

BTW... neither of the questions you posted provide any clue as to what the _real_ problem is or how your system came to be in its current state. Without context, it's awfully hard to provide a useful answer. For example, you say that you're "missing information" without identifying whether both images are missing this info or just one is (and if just one, which one). Stuff like this matters - and without it, it's just another case of "Garbage In, Garbage Out".

Programming / Re: FAT32 vs FAT16
« on: March 19, 2024, 06:42:47 pm »
There's more to an OS/2 partition than just its partition table entry: there's also its entry in LVM's DLAT (Drive Letter Assignment Table). For primary partitions, this is stored in the last sector of the disk's first track. Using C/H/S notation 0/0/63 on most disks (i.e. LBA 0062).

This isn't something that's easily edited because the DLAT header contains a CRC for that sector - changing anything renders the CRC invalid. Instead, you may want to try copying this sector from one image to the other.

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