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Hardware / Hardware Compatibility Wishlist for 2022
« on: Today at 01:48:52 pm »

I like to discuss the wish list hardware compatibility from time to time since the hardware and necessities changes in time. 

What is your hardware compatibility request with ArcaOS these days?

I personally have in my list:
- Intel Wifi support
- Intel HD dual screen support. (To mirror screen or extend screen)
  - Easier Hot plug to projectors. (To mirror screen or extend screen)

What's yours? No matter if it is a wild shot.


Programming / Re: on Github
« on: January 18, 2022, 12:04:43 am »

Now that I had uploaded my OS2World Github backup to I would like to reply  ;D

My option had been for Github because it's simplicity before it got bought by Microsoft. It was very easy for me to use that git and upload the source code not being a developer. I had only tested it against bitbucket and sourceforge, and I still prefer it. If someday Microsoft starts to cripple the service, delete files or anything funky, that will be mark the time to move on and I also have a backup on my HDD and (public).

So this is only an option for any developer that still want to continue the development under the netlabs organization. The developer of the project is the one that has all the power to choose.


Internet / Re: Simple Browser revisited.
« on: January 17, 2022, 06:56:38 pm »
  Not likely, as audio input is not implemented in chromium yet... see here:

Too bad. Thanks for the pointer David.

Internet / Re: Simple Browser revisited.
« on: January 17, 2022, 04:23:42 pm »

Does anybody knows if Qt5 or the Simple Browser is working to access the OS/2 Uniaud Mic (or audio input)? I know that an USB camera don't work.

I would like to test if some Audio webmeeting browser tools.
Jitsi ( ) crashes the browser when you want to login to a chat room. I don't know if you know some other that are mostly web native.


Programming / Re: on Github
« on: January 16, 2022, 04:52:17 pm »
With that in mind, Github works. Hopefully Martin has copies of all those repositories he has created.

It reminds me that I need to upload a update github backup on I have a backup in my HDD for the projects on OS2World, but I also try to upload a second backup on



I was checking the "Advantech PCA-6028" on the internet. I'm curious since the the mainboard looks like it has to go on a slot. Where doe it goes plugged? Does that ArcaOS/OS2 Machine has any special use?

Sorry I don't have any comments about the issue. I can only suggest to use ArcaOS 5.0.7 just to be on the latest level when you open the ticket.


Programming / Re: on Github
« on: January 15, 2022, 10:30:46 pm »
Hi Andi B.

So if we start projects at I think we need more than one admin.

Actually on github we have two owners on the Netlabsorg organization, Adrian and myself, so there are some options there. Also the main developer will be the owner of his own repository.

Just in case, I'm only posting the option for the one that still wants to do some projects under the Netlabs umbrella, since everybody can just create repositories at will on github.


Programming / on Github
« on: January 15, 2022, 06:14:05 pm »

I have several things on my mind that sometimes I don't discuss because I'm scared of getting trolled. But I guess I can no longer live in fear  ;D

One of the things that had been on the drawer is the versioning tool in (TRAC SVN). Long time ago I had chatted with Adrian (Netlabs) and asked him that we should try to update the trac system. But he told me (not his exact words) that with great free services that are available online like github and others, it does not make sense the efforts to maintain the script, all the updates, upgrades and server maintenance. After thinking about that, I think he is right.

Adrian created a netlabsorg organization in github and he gave me access to create repositories and give access to users. (Also long time ago)

The final word is:

If there is a developer interested on moving from the netlabs SVN, to github, or creating a new OS/2 related open project, and still want his project to be under the organization, please let me know.

Also, for non open source but collaborative projects for OS/2 drivers, that are sadly govern by the IBM DDK license, I can create private repositories  in github with exclusive access to developers.


Setup & Installation / Re: OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 15, 2022, 02:30:11 pm »
FYI: Just for more context. Here it is the ticket.


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Hobbes (Files) Reoganization
« on: January 12, 2022, 01:01:42 am »
Let's create directories.
I will upload old games with *.txt files.

The directories are created at the moment the uploads are processed. So just upload them and put them on the directory it applies and it will be created.


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Hobbes (Files) Reoganization
« on: January 11, 2022, 09:03:51 pm »
Hi Sergey

I think it will be good to upload DOS games (freeware, shareware, demos) that had been tested to work fine under OS/2 VDM. If it requires any tip, trick or any configuration to run better on OS/2 DOS VDM, it may be included on a readme file.

If someone wants to add more DOS games I will be glad if he/she can keep the same game structure that we have for the OS/2 games, like:
- action
- adventure
- board
- casino
- educ   
- misc   
- packs
- patches
- puzzle
- sport
- strategy
- tools
- toys


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Hobbes (Files) Reoganization
« on: January 11, 2022, 03:07:47 am »

I finally started with the reorganization of the web browsers. They are now located at: "/pub/os2/apps/webbrowser"

Please take a look and let me know if I'm missing some key version of the web browsers we have for OS/2.


Hardware / Re: New ArcaOS USB driver and Floppy drive
« on: January 11, 2022, 01:13:24 am »
Hi Igor

I ran into a problem. USB drive of floppy disks does not reread the floppy disk when accessing the disk. In the 16-bit version, everything works successfully.
What can be done to solve the problem?

I'm sorry but I don't understand your problem. Is it that the first time it reads the floppy and when you refresh the drive window does not reload it (reread).?

I had a problem with the USB floppy diskette unit, that some diskettes are readable and some other not. And the same diskette that is not readable on the USB floppy is completely readable on a diskette drive plugged to a floppy port. I guess this is something different.


Internet / Re: Simple Browser revisited.
« on: January 07, 2022, 07:18:04 pm »
Just in case. Element is working on Simple Browser.

Element is an Chat client for Matrix. It also has bridges to Libera.Chat IRC and discord.
- Link to some OS/2 Chatrooms:!


Web applications / Re: The MicroWeb DOS web browser
« on: January 07, 2022, 04:17:44 pm »

Checking also this book: "gg243531 TCPIP 2.0 for OS/2 Installation and Interoperability", chapter 13.

I found these pages (attached), but still no API documentation.


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