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Applications / Re: PDF Printer
« on: September 24, 2022, 06:22:16 pm »
Sean, Martin, everyone...

...PMPDF was not working for me as I believe the documents I was printing were relying on fonts that were not available with the current ghostscript (v9.18-7) installed via ANPM...

So now that you've got it running, I am curious: what is the advantage of using PMPDF vs ePDF?

I've had ePDF working for a long time...and that included the transition from GS 9.04 (which is the last one I could print with using GSView) to the RPM GS9.18.

Anyways, ePDF gives you a pile more features to control your Document Info, etc...however, sometimes it's nice to just "push a button and get a PDF output", and for that ePDF is a bit cumbersome.

Does PMPDF provide that ease/functionality?

Looking at the readme that seems to be the case, but I would like to hear some real world feedback.

Also, re: ePDF, Martin, this goes back a couple of years, but if you still want that running let me know what info you need and I'm happy to share my config.


Applications / Re: VisualAge for C Modern Installer
« on: September 24, 2022, 05:42:10 pm »
Hi Andi,

Both VAC and C Set/2 can be installed by unpacking ...
I think the problems start with VAC4.0 and it's help system which needs a server and a lot of settings in config.sys. Think the included 3.65 version needs the 'new' help system too.

You are right in that the Help system was somewhat 'picky/fussy'....BUT...once configured (NetQ app) it is actually a darn good system.

I still have all my VAC stuff installed and configured (working), both the 3.6.5 as well as the 4.0 GUI, although I primarily use the 3.6.5 for compile duties, as the 4.0 GUI stuff always seemed too resource intensive.

Having said that, I did configure a project in 4.0 a few months ago (it was the DISKIO update I was working on) and in a SMP enabled box, with a sizable JFS cache and plenty of memory, boy, that thing absolutely rocked!!!

Anyways, for anyone trying to get that 3.6.5/4.0 Help thing working: if you are stuck, describe the problem and I'll be happy to help - at least we have a working environment to compare to!

Storage / Re: JFS - cache MIN and MAX buffer parameters
« on: September 24, 2022, 05:34:21 pm »

Could always look at the source. I see this comment in jfs_cachemgr.c,...

CODE!!! My oh my, I'm gonna get me some of that...Thank you!!!

Applications / Re: VisualAge for C Modern Installer
« on: September 23, 2022, 09:11:24 pm »
It's been years since I have installed VAC here, but behind the GUI front end, isn't all this really just fed into a dynamically built CID?

How did you end up building this CID?

I'm going to take a look through my original install CDs (as well as the DevCon CDs for this)...

Storage / Re: JFS - cache MIN and MAX buffer parameters
« on: September 23, 2022, 09:08:41 pm »
Hi Andi,
There was an excellent presentation about JFS at one of the Warpstock Europe events. I think it was this -

Thanks...this is by far the most detailed 'actual use case' description we seem to have availabie in our OS/2 community. It is a presentation deck I already have, and given my JFS metrics tracking I have been able to identify the most suitable combination of parameters to reflect my usage of OS/2.

However...why stop now???  8) ...and so the BUFFER controls is what I'm trying to experiment with now, which that presentation really does not talk about with the exception of one line on the 'JFS cache design':


Well, I understand the MIN part of this, but the MAX doesn't quite correlate to what I'm seeing showing up in nfreecbufs. My nfreecbufs are consistently greater than what gives?

Storage / Re: JFS - cache MIN and MAX buffer parameters
« on: September 23, 2022, 07:55:41 pm »
Hi Andreas,

..I've once experienced with several cache values. The first try led to an unbootable system. The next tries looked promising, but the lower shared memory consumption was too high for the rest to work flawlessly. (I doubt that the file system drivers can be patched to use the higher shared memory arena.)...

I do consider myself to be one of the "lucky few" who are able to run with very large JFS cache sizes, in fact I've been enjoying a 1Gig setup for some months now:

Code: [Select]

          SyncTime:      32 seconds
            MaxAge:     128 seconds
        BufferIdle:       8 seconds
        Cache Size: 1048567 kbytes
        Min Free buffers:   16000 (   64000 K)
        Max Free buffers:   32000 (  128000 K)
Lazy Write is enabled

For that to work however I needed to re-adjust a number of other system settings. My box is hooked up to a UPS as well, which means a sudden power outage is not going to have an immediate impact, thus a bit of extra "room" to play with as far as some of the settings go.

Storage / JFS - cache MIN and MAX buffer parameters
« on: September 22, 2022, 08:19:00 pm »
Can anyone explain, or has the knowledge of, the use of these parameters by the JFS drivers?

Allow me to explain: I do of course understand at high level what these control, specifically I have the following entry in my CONFIG.SYS:


...however, as I continue to gather JFS runtime stats I haven't quite figured out what is the impact of the MAXBUFFER parameter in particular.

What I am trying to determine is how the BUFFERs are being allocated and how the MAX setting in particular impacts the availability of either the content or i-node metadata buffers.

Any ideas?


Applications / Re: OpenSource WishList
« on: September 20, 2022, 10:03:59 pm »
...There was some talk about how to retrieve at least Visual SlickEdit, but nothing more.

I hit them up some years ago about releasing the OS/2 version, and while the person I was conversing with was generally ready to do so, ultimately the legal/higher ups did not give it the "thumbs-up".

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: September 19, 2022, 08:49:35 pm »
Hi Mark,

Long time no talk. Hows it going?

Things are alright here, busy and slowing down at the same time LOL. Both kids are away for University studies, so home is a little "slower"...but even with fewer people around it just seems like we have more stuff to chase after...ugh??? LOL

...Actually, the problem we're trying to solve is with the RealTek ALC892 chipset in one of my base metal systems - something seems to have broken way back when, with Paul's drivers - between the official release of ArcaOS 5.0.6 (based on old ALSA code) and 5.0.7 (where the UniAud 32 is based on Linux 5.14.7 - release v3.01.02)...

Yup, understood that and given that my chipset here is the ATI SB using ALC889 I figured there may be an odd-chance that the two are linked:

Code: [Select]
HARDWARE INFO ('unimix -card')
Command line mixer for UNIAUD32. Version 1.1
Detected UNIAUD version 2.02.05
Detected 1 audio adapter(s)
Card info for adapter 0:
  num: 0
  id: SB
  driver: HDA-Intel
  name: HDA ATI SB
  longname: HDA ATI SB at 0xfe3f8000 irq 16
  mixer: Realtek ALC889
  componenets: HDA:10ec0889,14627640,00100004

Multimedia / Re: Updated Uniaud32 build
« on: September 19, 2022, 06:02:28 pm »
Hi Paul,

...This is VERY helpful! I dug out an old drive with an older copy of my eCS-udrive.vdi and found the source folders for:

A diff of the changes is at

Unfortunately, this is a large-ish diff - I'll have a look for anything obvious when I get a moment - hopefully it will be something obvious...

Edit: 1st attempt - hda_intel.c from 3.9.11 backlevelled to the 3.8.13 version -

Not sure if what I'm seeing here may be in some way related to what Mark is reporting. However, the drop results in a HARD trap while doing MPLAYER playback. So basically while watching any video and attempting to move back or forward causes the sync-up function to eventually freeze and the whole system is non-responsive.

I've attached my current test-matrix, bottom line: I always go back to the 3.16.85 release which has been rock-solid here (this is what's prompting me to ask whether this is similar situation to what Mark is seeing).

I will try this test version next. Thanks, as always!

You already gave the answer: the device is correctly detected at 3:1 but you are forcing to 1:1.
With unpredictable consequences.

Indeed, that was the problem!

I rely on a home-cooked scan REXX script that allows me to pass a whole slew of different option parameters to it, and these are all selected through different SCAN program icons/objects. So in the end it's an easy drop-down/select from the WPS folder.

I suspect in my testing I discovered that I needed that SET statement and eventually just moved it to CONFIG.SYS instead of having it done at the script level.

If there is a comment I'd make, it is the following: SCANIMAGE should fail more gracefully...LOL, yeah, it can't quite stop me from shooting myself in the foot like I did...but something better than a TRP would go a long way to troubleshooing the root cause.

Anyways...FALSE ALARM everyone, my appologies.

Thank you for the talking points b/c that's ultimatley what made me pick up that CONFIG.SYS statement.

Hi Lars!

No the bus number change is intentional.
It used to be hard coded to 1, now it is taking the host controller number (which effectively is the bus number).
The second number is the device number. That should be > 1 though (I am not sure,I forgot). in any case, that is purely cosmetic and not the problem. If someone could send me an exceptq report, that could help to fix the problem...

Hmm...very good, well, at least it's reassuring to know this isn't some kind of un-known that I've ran into.

So here is the output of 'usbtree':

Code: [Select]
USB driver version = 12.13
----- USB device tree ---------
DS 0808=7814

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 0 (5 ports) 1002:4396
Cannot find hub

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 1 (0 ports) 1002:4396

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 2 (0 ports) 1002:4396

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 3 (0 ports) 1002:4396

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 4 (0 ports) 1002:4396

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 5 (0 ports) 1002:4396

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 6 (0 ports) 1002:4396

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 7 (0 ports) 1002:4396

Controller 0: USBEHCD$
Root Hub 8 (0 ports) 1002:4396

...and I've attached a quick screenshot of the Hadware Manager window showing the HP Scanner and the remaining USB ports.

...The other thing that you could do is to do a "SET LIBUSB_DEBUG=255" and pipe stderr to a file. That'll give detailed info of what Libusb is doing.

I've attached the sane LOG files I was attempting to u/l to the GitHub ticket. The TRP file is in there as well.

Now, here is an interesting part that I had ran into, found the following lines in my CONFIG.SYS:

Code: [Select]
SET SANE_CONFIG_DIR=g:\etc\sane.d
SET SANE_DEFAULT_DEVICE=hp:libusb:001:001


...and now I suspect that the "SET SANE_DEFAULT_DEVICE=hp:libusb:001:001" is the actual PROBLEM here!!!

There is a reason why I had set this up...I did this at the time that I moved to RPM based SANE setup, previously I had a separate ZIP based install.

Soooo....let me take a shot at this by figuring out why I would have used that SET statement and then re-running with the latest USBLIB1 1.0.24 drop to see if that's perhaps what has caused the problem.

Damn...nice...thank you for asking the questions...normally I look through CONFIG.SYS to rule out any of such customizations, but clearly in this case I missed that step.


Good job I changed all my scanners to be network based ones after scanimage stopped working on my usb based unit.  The big advantage with this is the fact I can get PDFs direct from the scanner as well as pictures.

LOL, you know, when that failure took place I went to my "Plan-B", which is the little WiFi HP Envy printer/scanner (that does JPG & PDF formatted scans), but I do prefer my dedicated HP scanner otherwise.

By the looks of it the new libusb1 DLL is misidentifying the USB "bus" that device is connected on: '003:001' vs '001:001' (which worked before). So maybe it's an easy fix? We'll see...

Hey Tom!
I went ahead and opened a NEW Issue, but great GitHub functionality prevents you for actually uploading any LOG files...LOL!!!

You could try uploading that logfile as a textfile with the .txt extension.

Actully did try that already, initially I was attempting to u/l them individually (to make it easier to look through), but when that failed I tried the ZIP way.

Anyways...I think this is that whole GitHub "totally unfriendly to anything but Chrome" issue.


Just a quick FYI, I'm seeing a trap in SCANIMAGE.EXE following the deployment of libusb1 1.0.24 RPM package.

My scanner is USB attached, latest AOS drivers and was previously successfully using 1.0.21-2 release.

I went ahead and opened a NEW Issue, but great GitHub functionality prevents you for actually uploading any LOG files...LOL!!!

Anyways, if you're seeing strange results/traps be aware.

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