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Storage / Re: Sharing drive between OS/2 and linux
« on: December 14, 2021, 09:43:16 pm »
I mount my OS/2 HPFS file systems read/write on Linux. 

Utilities / Re: MultiUser support for OS/2
« on: September 24, 2021, 08:08:46 pm »
Mergent International's PC/DACS provided authentication and single sign-on.   Syntegration's The Secure Workplace provided authentication and also discretionary access controls at a user and group level. 

Applications / Re: pmMail and TLS 1.2
« on: July 15, 2021, 08:28:23 pm »
Stunnel, which is provided with PMMail, supports TLSv1.3 tunneling.  Look for the readme in your \PMMail\BIN\Stunnel directory.  Would TLSv1.3 work with your provider?

Networking / Re: Windows 2000 client access
« on: May 20, 2021, 04:43:00 am »
The version 4.4 client update resolves my problem, thank you very much. 

Networking / Windows 2000 client access
« on: May 18, 2021, 06:03:00 am »
I would like to access a LAN Server 5.2 named pipes service from a Windows 2000 client, which requires authentication to LAN Server.  I have not been able to manually hack an install of IBM's 1997 NT Primary Logon Client on Windows 2000 and was curious if authenticating a Windows 2000 client is possible?

In exploring my options, it appears LAN Server does not allow anonymous access to named pipes even while working from the server.  I need to authenticate to the LAN locally from the LAN Server console before I am able to access a named pipes service via an OS/2 or WIN-OS2 server session. 

Utilities / Re: controlling stunnel as if it were a daemon
« on: May 18, 2021, 03:33:27 am »

I am closing stunnel by sending it SIGINT...

Code: [Select]
c:\pgmcntrl\pgmcntrl /close /exename:stunnel.exe

That works, and to add to Andi's tip, you could also use the following to kill the stunnel process.  xargs is provided with the findutils rpm package.

           plist |grep STUNNEL | cut -c18-20 | xargs kill -9

           (Note: STUNNEL is case sensitive)

General Discussion / Re: Gone?
« on: March 23, 2021, 08:38:06 pm »
It looks like their server is still alive, but they aren't hosting anything at the moment, including

Hardware / Re: USB 3 and AMD Ryzen third gen processors.
« on: March 08, 2021, 12:52:50 am »
This is more of an observation but... On my MSI B550 motherboard with a Ryzen 3 third gen processor....

Have you seen the following article that describes USB disconnects with the B550 mobo?   AMD is "actively investigating the issue with high priority".

- Sean

Hardware / Re: OS/2 on Virtualbox with 8 COM ports
« on: March 03, 2021, 11:42:49 pm »
This has nothing to do with PCI vs. PCIe.
It has all to do with memory mapped vs. IO mapped HW registers. There are technical reasons to this.

I wasn't commenting on the COM.SYS driver.  If the StarTech 8-port PCI card is supported with OS/2 drivers and a need exists to use a PCIe-only mobo to virtualize OS/2, then the StarTech adapter might be a solution.

Hardware / Re: OS/2 on Virtualbox with 8 COM ports
« on: March 03, 2021, 06:20:22 pm »
I have had no issues using StarTech's PCIe to PCI low profile converter adapter (PEX1PCI1) with older PCI SCSI adapters.  It likely would also work well with StarTech's older PCI 8-port serial adapters.

Hardware / Re: USB Scanners and ArcaOS
« on: January 08, 2021, 11:01:18 pm »

Unfortunately not. RPM prevents that. It insists on also erasing all dependent programs. It knows better than me, of course.

Have you looked at "rpm -e --nodeps" ?

Applications / Re: Sybase DB-Library
« on: December 05, 2020, 05:40:03 pm »
Andreas, thank you for the info.   

The Intersolv driver manager is looking for the Sybase database library that had been provided with Sybase OS/2 clients prior to System 10, specifically SYBDB.DLL, the 32-bit version of the library.   

In the past, I believe the OS/2 client could be freely downloaded from Sybase, but I am unable to find it available for download anywhere on the Net.

Applications / Sybase DB-Library
« on: December 04, 2020, 11:22:54 pm »
Does anyone know where I can obtain Sybase's (32-bit) DB-Library >= v.4.6?   

An older (v4) Q+E SQL Server ODBC driver requires this along with Net-Library >= v.2, which I'm planning to use from the Sybase System 10 client.       

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Just started to dabble in os/2 again
« on: September 15, 2020, 03:00:17 am »
The critical part Is generally I can't get anything from outside the VM to inside.  So at this point I am stuck and can't go on.

Hi Jim,

Linux can be pure hell to use if the distribution's packages are poorly maintained causing the system to break after updates.  Some distributions are well maintained and can be great to work with.

I assume your VM host is Linux.  As a short term fix, until you get your OS/2 networking working with your host, you can transfer files into your VM OS/2 guest by placing your files in an ISO image and mounting the ISO image on your VM OS/2 guest.   With Linux, you can easily create an ISO image containing your files using the following command:

$ mkisofs -o [filename.iso] [directory_path]

-o [filename.iso] defines the file name of the ISO image you want to create

[directory_path] is the directory containing the files you want to store in the ISO image

Hardware / Re: Question about USB Audio (Input / Output).
« on: September 07, 2020, 01:05:24 am »
PM sent.

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