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Title: bwwping - missing menu?
Post by: Dariusz Piatkowski on January 18, 2020, 07:38:35 pm
Hi Everyone,

Installed the BWW replacement for PMPing last week (bwwping), seems like a handy utility, I was looking fwd to using it's WOL functionality for waking up some of the WINx boxes when I need to RDP to them.

The problem is: as best as I can tell I do not appear to actually have the pop-up menu/functionality that enables me to correctly setup a machine entry. So, if you hit the big '+' sign in the menu bar (green one) instead of a pop-up editing box I simply get a entry created in the 'Adress (IP)' column. No possibility to enter a description or MAC address. I did execute a scan, which is how I have the current listing I have. I then editted the pinghst.lst file to given the entries some names, but wasn't able to toss a MAC entry in there (didn't figure out how bwwping reads in the file and separates out the fields, apparently a clean space is not the separator).

As it happens the MAC address is what's needed by the WOL functionality.

So is this just me (which is weird I think), or is anyone else seeing this?

I emailed the author but got no response, any ideas?