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General Discussion / Is Hobbes down for you?
« on: February 04, 2013, 07:43:45 pm »

I have been trying to get on
Hobbes today, but I have had no luck.

This error message gets returned;

Fatal error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::query() in /home/archiver/private/includes/files_db.php on line 182

It seems like a database error to me... "MDB2_Error".

Has anyone else had this experience?

Applications / Re: Make DejaVu
« on: January 21, 2013, 06:14:32 pm »

At some point in the foresee-able future, I will have a need for such a thing.

An advanced "Thanks, Melf", from my future self. Heheh...

IPC will gome very soon we hope. We start working on FFox >10 (probably 17 or 18 direct) at the beginn of February. IPC was done since very long for VPC, but not many ppl know of it and Mozilla refused to include the patches back then.
So stay tuned for an official announcement.

That is great news, Silvan. 8)

I for one, (of many no doubt), am looking forward to it.
There are some good improvements in later versions... like not reloading all saved tabs on startup at once, but waiting until clicked.

But with FireFoxs new, messed up, numbering system it is hard to tell a significant upgrade from an incremental increase.

And how long will it be before they get into three digits?.. already being at 18... a few years?

Thank you for your luck and all your hard work.

Oh yeah, for sure, Dave.

While I seldom hear it voiced, I have no doubt that all of the OS/2 community feel only kindness, and think the best of thoughts for you, because of your generous work.

Everyone here knows that  OS/2 could only be less useful without your personal efforts.

For myself, I say "thank-you", though I know that many more are thinking it too...

... and I have no doubt that we all feel the same for all of the other programers who voluntare their time as well, like Paul Smedley and Steve Levine.


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Cruelty in OS2World
« on: January 17, 2013, 04:07:53 pm »

 ..that is a depressing story, and not an unfamiliar one... but, there is a solution.

When that happens to me I simply push the browser back button, (left arrow), and all of my apparently lost work, will reappear from the browser cache, (in this case Firefoxs),.. as long as I did not close the browser or the tab containing the unfinished post.

Timeouts are normal for this type of software, so there will be no solution forthcoming from that side of things.

Also, if I know that I am going to be away from my keyboard mid-post, for a while, (happens to everyone), I copy what I have written into my clipboard, and if necessary, paste it into a text file in foresight, because of this very problem.

That, of course, will not bring back your dead post at this point in time, but it can help you to avoid the same thing happening to you in the future.

But you do have my sympathies...
8( for no one enjoys seeing a lot of hard, voluntary, work flushed down the computers maw

But one of the reasons that computers work the way that they do is to make you, the user, feel inadequate and to leave you feeling like you have no control over your work or your environment; helpless.

Windows users are doubly damned! That OS will gobble up your work like Pacman gobbles up pills! and I'm not even going to mention viruii, trojans, the NSA backdoor, and other invasive outsiders. If MicroLimp was a human being, it would long since have been charged with rape! for its invasive, and penetrating, practice of violating the user! and would have received awards and great accolaids for the wide-ranging variety and creativity involved in the myriad of ways that it does it!

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Congratulations
« on: January 06, 2013, 07:01:45 pm »
Congratulations! on the (re)launch of your new site.

OS/2 World provides an absolutely necessary service to the OS/2 community.

It was missed!

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