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General Discussion / Installing eCS on a EEEPC 701 with USB
« on: May 05, 2021, 07:28:51 pm »
Title. I've found that flashing USBs (with Rufus) using ecs diskettes (ecsdisk0.dsk, ecsdisk1.dsk etc) included in the cd works just fine and they boot without any problem(maybe because the eee mounts the usbs as "normal" drives?).

The problem is that right after booting off the first diskette, it asks for the "" file (and presumably it'll ask for and ecsdisk3 later on) and copying it to a standard fat32 usb doesn't work, with the installer saying something like "invalid format".
Should I try formatting the usb in fat32 with DFsee and try again? or is there any other way to get the eCS installer to work on a USB (without using floppy diskettes)?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my choppy english :)

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