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General Discussion / OS/4 kernel development
« on: May 31, 2014, 11:49:31 am »
Please share your thoughts with us...
In short - too many strange decisions and features. Too hard to negotiate with current part of team.

* VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT removed (with annoying message ;)) They promise to restore it later in another way, but this can take ages.
* Some things was broken in the recent past (FAT boot, trap screen).
* Alternative CLOCK/SCREEN/OS4APIC drivers...  Actually - there is no immediate necessity in them, they just created for "we made it". OS4APIC - use MP table and unusable on many PCs (someone wrote about this here). Why this method was choosen?
* They want remove DOS at all ;)
* They were against release kernel build (without kernel debugger). And now this build is practically untested, because nobody cares of it.

And so on... tired to fight not only with all above, but with many other the same small things. Pasha too, I think ;)
But this is offtopic in this topic, sorry :)

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