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Programming / Re: Xpdf v. 4.01
« on: April 05, 2024, 02:36:53 pm »
SYS1804: The system cannot find the file PAPER1.

found no reference on the net about this missing file

Hi Mauro

Installed Packages

Kind regards, Elbert

right, that did the trick ! Thank you much

Programming / Re: Xpdf v. 4.01
« on: April 04, 2024, 07:20:18 pm »
trying it as command line:

mypdffile.pdf present in same working directory (bin) of xpdf.exe and other .exe

xpdf.exe mypdffile.pdf

SYS1804: The system cannot find the file PAPER1.

found no reference on the net about this missing file

Applications / Re: Test build of dooble with qt5
« on: March 26, 2024, 07:44:25 pm »
thank you much, did the same in november 2023 but lost this reference among the posts/reply

Applications / Re: Test build of dooble with qt5
« on: March 25, 2024, 10:20:06 am »
hi all, sorry if I ask something already written here somewhere as this is the 21th page of the thread and not much easy to retrieve a specific indication; since I'm following the results of Dooble QT5 updates which has a reliable behavior on my OS2 Warp4.52 VM , like to learn where can I find its latest version, better if in rpm.
Thank you much meantime for the effort spent in this task, which by my side confirm is giving useful results.

Hi, since it seems not clear how try to solve directly by fixing video driver side, it would then be the case trying to force the pointer not changing shape when pass onto the icon (that is the moment that the issue happens).
Does anybody knows how to ?
Thank you

Most probable reason for your issue is using an old BASEDEV=IBM1S506.ADD which had a small partition size limit. Later versions corrected this and Dani's driver always had no small drive limit

confirm this has fixed the issue in my case

not my case, desktop objects in DFSee 17 installation were correctly created on the desktop.
All I can say about is that I first provided the uninstallation of the previous version both by WarpIn and then deleting the DFSee directory in HOME:\TOOLS

Hi mauro

Copy danis506.add and daniatap.flt to [BootDrive]:\os2\boot

Open [BootDrive]:\config.sys and add the following 2 lines


then REM the start of these lines if they exist


Save config.sys


Test DFSee



Ok Pete, it has worked!  Now we know that DFSee 17 (guess other software as well) needs DANIS506.ADD and DANIATAP.FLT to replace IBM1S506.ADD and IBMATAPI.FLT .
Thank you much

It's a drop in replacement. Find your BASEDEV=IBM1S506.ADD, rem it and add a line right after BASEDEV=DANIS506.add along with any parameters that IBM1S506.ADD had.
I notice my config.sys has BASEDEV=DANIS506.ADD /!BIOS

ok, then it's only DANIS.506.ADD file to be placed in same directory where IBM1S506.ADD is ?
Do I ignore the other files in the decompressed directory?

Hi mauro,

One other thing you might try is to delete the DFSee partition then run xfix and or checkini with the parameters /C /H /T  Doing that will remove a lot of useless info from the ini files.

Hi Ivan, did everyting you wrote in this order:

-uninstalled previous DFsee by Warpin deinstaller
-deleted its previous working directory (C:/TOOLS)
-applied XFIX, removed all invalid entries and saved action on OS2.INI
-applied CHECKINI, went all at the end of items scanning and then confirmed end of session (is that what the way to apply the cleaning? No confirmation read about result)
-installed DFSee 17 free downloaded from ecsoft/2
-run DFSee 17
-uninstalled DFSee 17 by Warpin deinstaller
-deleted its previous working directory (C:/TOOLS)
-downloaded DFSee 17 beta from
-installed it
-run DFSee 17 beta

I think have followed slavishly all necessary steps to accomplish this attempts.

Thank you

Hi mauro

Might be worth simply deleting the contents of the dfsee directory and then unzipping(?) the latest version into that directory.

What the error seems to be saying is that the loaded disk driver IBM1S506.ADD does not understand whatever command from dfsee. When starting dfsee it seems that disk(s) get read for partition info so that is probably the failing bit. Strange...
What version (how old) is the IBM1S506.ADD in use? - might be worth trying danis506 as I recall that overcame some of the early IBM1S506 deficiencies.



ok Pete, I've downloaded the zip file who generate -as usual- a folder, but no explainations (no specific readme) on how proceed to replace the old IBM1S506.ADD

Hi mauro

Might be worth simply deleting the contents of the dfsee directory and then unzipping(?) the latest version into that directory.

Thank you Pete , it hasn't worked



Setup & Installation / Re: getting chkdsk fix errors on C (Vm Virtualbox)
« on: January 13, 2024, 09:50:53 pm »
If you're able to edit config.sys you could have chkdsk running on the next boot.
The following is from the IBM help-file:

The OS/2 operating system runs the CHKDSK program with the /F option to correct any problem caused by improper system shutdown. Each time you format a drive for the High Performance File System, the operating system updates the IFS statement in the CONFIG.SYS file with the appropriate AUTOCHECK parameter.

If you place a plus sign (+) in front of any drive letter, the drive will be checked every time the system is started.

Assume the following statement appears in the CONFIG.SYS file:


Each time it starts, the operating system checks drives D, E, and F. If necessary, it runs the CHKDSK program on drives D and F. CHKDSK will always be run on drive E.

Understand. What apply to a JFS filesystem in C: ?


is this the command to append in config.sys?

Did you totally remove the old version before you installed v17?  What you are describing sounds as if there are parts of the old version still around especially if you installed it in the previous dir.

I've uninstalled the old version through Warpin, which was the installation app used, believing it was safe enuogh

Delete the DFSee directory, run clean ini and or xfix, then install the new version.  That is what I do when installing newer versions of existing programs it prevents old information being carried over.

run clean ini and xfix are 3rd party utilities or available in the system?

no way to get out from there until I select End program/commad/operation

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