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Setup & Installation / Re: OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 15, 2022, 09:22:16 pm »
FYI: Just for more context. Here it is the ticket.


Here another case similar to mine: Ticket

Setup & Installation / Re: OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 15, 2022, 10:01:58 am »
Don't be impatient and remember Arca Noae has limited resources but do do pretty good at fixing these kinds of things and since your hardware isn't that old, with luck they will come up with a fix but time is always a problem and expecting a fix in 2 days is asking a lot.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the tip.
I never asked  them to fix problem in 2 days. I'm perfectly aware that solving such kind of problems can become a nightmare. But if after many test  they come back to me asking exactly same diag I enclosed on day 1 it's better to give up. It's not a matter of expectations but the way you approach problem. If you need more time to manage/explore  it's ok. If you are in a loop around same request probably it's not worth moving on. Worse I've been told that enclosing screenshot doesn't make sense since error message is ok as well (and there were no error messages at all since disktool never opened).

Setup & Installation / Re: OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 14, 2022, 07:12:26 pm »
I see three problems here.

First, Arca Noae cannot support eCS, in any flavor. ArcaOS is a different version of OS/2, and they are only licensed to work with what is in ArcaOS, for use with ArcaOS. They can distribute drivers, that were not produced by IBM, for use with any version of OS/2.

Hi Doug,

I probably missed something. I didn't open an ECS ticket inside Arca support. I opened a ticket with Arca guys since with version 5.0.7 I didn't get any access to disk. It was impossible to get disk geometry and all things mentioned. Within ECS I did one step ahead since I partitioned disk and at least I completed stage 1 installation. But I never asked to get ECS support from Arca guys.

Second, it appears that the machine is not compatible with the requirements for ArcaOS. Is it possible, that there is a BIOS setting that prevents anything from writing to track 0? If so, make sure that it is turned OFF.

Phoenix BIOS on this box doesn't have this feature. It doesn't have feature to enable/disable AHCI/IDE too.

If there is no setting to prevent writing to track 0, my bet is that this is not a problem with OS2DASD.DMD, but with something that loaded previously. You might try making sure that you don't use AHCI. There was a time when the first loaded (AHCI, or IDE) would take control of the controller, when there is no BIOS setting. ArcaOS, by default, loads AHCI first, when the controller is capable (but it may not work that way. Early AHCI BIOS support was not very good).

Thanks for the tip. I'll double check and try again

Setup & Installation / Re: OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 14, 2022, 05:22:59 pm »
Either you'll need to create an AN support incident or hope that someone make a debug version of OS2DASD.

This is what I've done with Arca. And I closed ticket after I had feeling they were taking time.

You can boot from a DFSee stick (or CD) and see if FreeDOS or Puppy Linux can tell more about the faulty controller.

I've installed and played with many Linux distros and BSD flavours. No problem with them nor issues. I guess it's more related to the way OS2 manages this specific combination. Don't forget that box is old and Phoenix BIOS is not perfect. Like all Acer Aspire Turion based line where unless you find a way to show advanced configuration no way to switch from AHCI to IDE.

Setup & Installation / Re: OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 14, 2022, 10:37:36 am »
You should be able to run disktool. If not, if you try the full DFSee, it should run and tell you a lot about the disk. I don't know of a helpful OS2DASD mode.

Ok. Let me be more clear.
2 Boxes same hard disk.

Computer 1 (the one with issue):
Dfsee correctly manages disk/partition by loading OS from USB stick or DVD, but hangs after OS2DASD is loaded from hard disk.

Computer 2:
OS2DASD loads normally (from HD) and 2nd part installation continues as expected.

I guess issue should be related to such kind of incompatibility between OS2AHCI or DANIS506, OS2DASD and this specific ATI IXP IDE/AHCI controller.

Setup & Installation / Re: OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 13, 2022, 10:08:12 am »
Did you wipe the hard drive?

Yes I did.
I tested other disks as well. One 80Gb magnetic and another 60Gb SSD. Same stuff. Problem seems to be related to a combination of controller/disk driver. Other than Arca where I couldn't load disktool, with ECS 2.2 first stage installation process goes smooth from the beginning. The disk is recognised, I create and format a 2Gb HPFS partition, and files are suddenly copied to filesystem. Problem arise at first HD boot where it stops at OS2DASD. I tried all the available parameters with both OS2AHCI and DANIS506 without success. I've used the old OS2 Boot Manager, then Air BOOT: same result. I'm wondering if there's a way of setting OS2DASD in debug mode or something similar.
Any help, suggestion would be very appreciated

Setup & Installation / OS2DASD hangs after 1st stage installation
« on: January 12, 2022, 08:46:42 pm »
I'm trying to install ECS 2.2 on an old Acer laptop with a Turion 64 CPU, a 250Gb SSD disk connected to an ATI IXP IDE/SATA controller.
Everything goes smooth until the first stage installation. When the box reboots it hangs loading OS2DASD.DMD module.
Previously I tried with latest Arca 5.0.7 and situation was worse since I couldn't even create or manage any partition. Basically after Arca OS loaded initial graphical installer it was pretty impossible for disktool to get disk geometry.

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