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Marketplace / Re: Is anyone presently offloading any OS/2 software?
« on: April 02, 2024, 04:07:29 pm »
For example I know that Sigurd recently posted some box photos of WSEB but I expect you're not interested in selling that are you Sigurd??? :-)

Thanks all,

Hi Richard,

it depends on the price you may want to pay for it.  ;-)

Send me an offer via PM if you like.


Applications / WSeB Pictures for Martin
« on: March 26, 2024, 06:20:42 pm »
Hi Martin,

I noticed missing WSeB Pictures at your Wiki. I can offer you here (as far as I can see you already have pictures of the WSeB CD Set) :

- Pictures of the WSeB Box, English, Upgrade - PN: 31L1710
   including Picture of the HPFS386 License - PN: 41L0427

- Pictures of the WSeB Preview, English - PN: ?

- Pictures of the WSeB Convinience Package I - 4.51 - Deutsch (German) - PN: ?

You can manipulate, publish, use these pictures in all the way you like.

Hope the Quality is OK for you as it is a bit difficult to take a picture of this mirroring and reflecting CDs.

Hi Paul,

do not know, if this picture is usefull.

Here is the output of unimix card with /A:1 as well as the unimix -List with the same parameter.

Paul, here is Uniaud testlog, I hope that is what you are looking for.

Additional information: I tried to switch the devices using the unimix command and the parameters on, each line said it had success, but in fact it does not switch the devices on. They remain silent.

Hi Wim, unfortunately it seems to be the same error.

It is impossible to stop the program, only CTL+ALT+DEL and a reset end it.

What else can I provide?

Thanks again!!

Paul, here is Uniaud testlog, I hope that is what you are looking for.

Hi Sigurd - did you ever post  a 'testlog uniaud'? Not sure if I missed it or not.

Sorry, I have to apologize, Paul! Actually I did it but did not sent it here! Will catch up this afternoon!!


Thank you Sigurd. It does help. I made some changes in the video format negotiation.
Please download and repeat the test you did last time.


Thank you Wim, will do it this afternoon!!

Hardware / Re: The last nail in OS/2's coffin
« on: January 31, 2024, 02:32:10 pm »
OS/2 will survive for some years to come in the industrial business.

Private Customers will "die out" due to

- their age
- the uselessness of the System to private Users
- Memory Problem, no WLAN, no Localization,
- ArcaNoae showing no interest in private users

I would guess the number of German Users decreased during the last 3 Years, as there has allways been this tiring shifts of WLAN and German Local Version, to less of 10% of what have been before.

Yes, there are some people around using it for daily business but 99,9999999% of the Users do not even know what ArcaOS is.

It is impossible to persuade someone to have even a closer look at the system, because so many things are missing.

OS/2 had its time, that ended way back in 2005. It will never get opensourced nor will there be more private users, unless a miracle happens and ArcaNoae may solve the above problems, and add Bluetooth support and and and... But as David A. told me, there is no way to solve the memory problem.

It is much easier to use a Linux for free and install and use OS/2 in a Virtualization. There it can get it's tailored hardware.

Nor will ArcaOS ever be some kind of "Retro Plattform", as there are other, much more comfortable, customizable and free Solutions around like DosBOX, ScummVM etc.

It may sound to negative for some others, but that is my point of view, I just describe the facts without emotions, it is the way it is.

Personally I will try to have more success with the Lenovo Z13 Gen 2, just for fun, just to answer my eternal question I do have with OS/2 on modern hardware: will OS/2 run on it? And even if I get the Sound, with help from Paul and others, to work, the device will still be a "Technical Demo", nothing you can reliable work with.

What I would really like to see, was an OS/2 like Interface on Top of a Linux Kernel and System, building a clone of the WPS on Linux. In my opinion the only way to keep the OS/2 feeling alive in the future. But this is unlikely to happen as well.

All the best!

Added the suitable sticker on the palmrest.  ;)

Hi Wim,

here is the result. I also took pictures from the informations given by latest usb.ids and Hardware Explorer (not Hardware manager!), the white light does shine.

Hope this helps.


Hi Wim,

glad to hear you!!!

I attached the file and a picture, what happens starting "webcam" first and "wmvideo" second.

Webcam seems to enable the Camera (see the light in the Red Circle please) but there is no picture.

The Z13 has two cameras, the Infrared one and the other.

Thanks for looking into this!

Please let me knwo what else you need.


Thanks again! Yes. so I will try to customize the X Center from XWorkplace as much as possible to fit like the WarpCenter.

Meanwhile I changed the OS/2 Icon for rEFInd.

The OS/2 Warp 3 icon seems to be more popular to me compared to the warp 4 one.

Perfect, thank you very much, Alex! Btw: is there a way to change the size of the WarpCenter (like xcenter) besides changing small to big icons? I May have asked it years ago, but forgot, sorry.

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