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To activate the WarpCenter, edit CONFIG.SYS and add
Code: [Select]

Hi again, Alex,

the WarpCenter starts but comes in full "ArcaOS" Style. It is not possible, at least I did not find a method, to change the Icons etc. there.

Is it possible to replace this Warpcenter with the one form Warp 4.52? If so - what files do I have to move/change?

Thank you very much again!!


Testlog without /A:1 and latest uniaud. Booting with /A:1 gave me a Trap in XWPDAEMON now. Have to look later.

Meanwhile getting closer to Warp 4.

To activate the WarpCenter, edit CONFIG.SYS and add
Code: [Select]

Thank you, Alex - and es well for your massive work on OS/2!!

I will see if I can create the "Lost" Program Icon.

As I do not like the "cold, industrial" look of ArcaOS I am on the way to return to Warp 4, as mentioned above, where this "warm and friendly" blue with its colourfull Icons welcomes me.

- Getting Sound to work

Can you post a 'testlog uniaud' Preferably with the latest uniaud32.sys from the uniaud thread?

Hi Paul, it is late, so I just take the log with the ArcaOS 5.1 uniaud. Will test a newer one tomorrow.
Thanks for your help!

LAN works quite well via USB LAN Adapter with Moschip Chipset and USB A/ USB C Adapter.

Still on list:

- Revert to OS/2 Warp 4 desktop
- Revert as much as possible in German
- Getting Sound to work

Actual Problems:

- Warp Center is missing (is this deleted from ArcaOS?) -> I will convert XCenter with Icons etc. to Warp Center
- ArcaNoae Package Manager does not work reliable, crashes with Phyton Error
- Dooble wont start after I installed it with YUM install dooble from Command Prompt

Applications / Re: ArcaOS 5.1 - First Impressions
« on: January 17, 2024, 03:58:39 pm »
To be honest, Arca Noae ignores the wishes of private users for years now. Yes, it is OK that they focus on what they like, but from a private foreign customer view the facts are:

- there is no Wi-Fi support (it was "on our list" since 2017, but from year to year it vanished into insignificance today)
- the same goes for "Non" US/English Versions of ArcaOS
- the same goes for participating in the "new" Browser Developement
- the same thing repeats itself now with hobbes archive. One can read well intentioned advice on the ArcaNoae Homepage that doesn't help
- without Paul Smedley tremendous work there won't be a current Sound Driver, not at all.

It's the way it is, there is nothing to cry about either. This is fact.

So I've long since given up hope that any concerns of private users play a role there.

For a Private User there is only one future for OS/2: use it in a Virtual Environment. Use the WLAN, the Bluetooth Drivers and everything else of the Host.

And for this you just need any one OS/2 Version.

And so there is no need for ArcaOS anymore.

Yes, too few developers is a problem, but on the other hand I would state that from a privat customer point of view some wrong priorities have been set over the years.

Hi Martin,

here is a new testlog generic, made with testlog 3.53 and the latest available pci.ids.

Hope that helps!

After installing Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.3 and a bit investigation I finally achieved my goal:

The Triple Boot System I once had on my Samsung Serie 7 Slate in 2011 is back in 2024!!  :D

I will take a rest and try to adjust ArcaOS as good as possible.

All the best to all of you!!

Just to open a seperate topic on this: As I mentioned here:,3537.msg42909.html#msg42909

the ArcaOS UEFI Bootmanager is very small on some devices, due to the Screen Resolution - on my Z13 Gen 2 the boot screen displays 2.880 by 1.800 Pixels.

At our User Meeting in Cologne 2022 Keith Merrington showed up with the rEFInd Bootmanager. This is really a great software! It is very customizable (Screen Resolutions, Backgrounds, Icons and so on) and looks therefore very modern.

I just attach my pictures from the other Thread here again.

In my case I have to disable Secureboot but to activate Pluton/TPM in BIOS to have the result I wanted, Windows 11 Pro and ArcaOS side by side. Next is to add Linux Mint Cinnamon. I added customized symbols for this.

Some Links:

rEFInd can be downloaded here:

All the information one need and troubleshooting can be find here: - really a marvelous page!

Best of all: it is free of charge!

All the best!

Martin, here are some files:

One Z13GEN2 from unimix with Adapter switch in config.sys /A:1; /A:0 (AMD Rembrand) does not response at all. So far no sound, even if the card is detected. Have to dig wether or not everything is switched on. And I have to test the lastet UNIAUD Build. for today it is to late  ;)

The other Z13WARP5 is what "Testlog generic" brings up.

@JTA: thank you very much for your long and detailed Information! In fact I started with Virtualisations around 2003 or 2004, with Connectix Virtual PC for OS/2 Version 5 (I do still have the box) and Microsoft Virtual PC 2003. My approach is - for a long long time now - to get OS/2 - ArcaOS nativ to run on "modern" hardware, despite all shortcommings, that might be included. I am more the type of: "Let us see wether it works or not". I virtualized with VirtualPC, Virtualbox, VMWare etc. etc. - but none of them match (for me  ;)  ) with the feeling of a native Installation. I will see where this Lenvovo thinkpad Z13 Gen 2 will lead me to, as far as today it is really promising.

@Martin: Yes, I will take more trial and error, so it may take some days till I can deliver some more information. There are lot of things do to: Testing LAN connection via USB/Ehternet Moschip Adapter, Sound etc. etc. I will let you know, as soon as possible.
My current work is to install Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.3 on this Latop next to all the others  :)

AND: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your ongoing work and support here!!

So, after some time of investigating, I was able to customize the rEFInd Manager the way I like it. I collected some icons for this.

rEFInd outclasses the ArcaOS EFI Bootmenue by far, especially when it comes to an aspect ratio of 2.880X1.800 Pixel. ArcaOS EFI Manager is very very very small then.

Despite the Background of rEFInd and an additional Linux Installation on the Device I am almost through.

It is up and running!  ;) ;D

In BIOS I had to:

- Disable SecureBoot
- Enable Pluton and TSM 2.0

Then the rEFInd Manager started and I was able to load Windows 11 Pro and start it with Fingerprint and as well start ArcaOS.

ArcaOS sees 1.4 GB of RAM while there ar 57GB for the RAM Disk available.

I will test some more things later, like getting sound and other things to work.

ArcaOS runs really fluent for now, please note the temperature and Battery/Power widget in the xcenter.

Have a  nice Sunday!!

Thanks for the hints!

@Martin: Yes, thanks, disabling Bitlocker was the first thing I did. It didn't help though (I mentioned that at the post)

@Dave and Rich: Thanks to you as well!

I tried to install rEFInd but had no luck so far. I think I have to check and play a lot around with the BIOS Settings of this device. Keith Merrington showed us during the User Meeting in Cologne 2022 the rEFInd Manager, he had it setup perfect!

May be I end up disabling ALL Securtiy Features in BIOS (there is Pluton as well) and install Windows 10 next with ArcaOS and Linux Mint. But I intent not to do so, as I think those security features in the BIOS do make sense and I try to keep as much as possible of these.

I will not give up, there will be a solution in some way. To be able to be more experimentiell I just created an USB Windows 11 Recovery stick for this Device.

I will report once I make progress. Thanks again to all of you!!


yeah, i took the bun for the last time: installed ArcaOS 5.1 next to Windows 11 on a Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 Gen 2 = 2023 Hardware with AMD Ryzen Pro 7 7840  ;D

If you are interested in the result, please follow this thread at

There are also some early pros and cons.

Please use Online Translator. All the best!

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