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Utilities / Re: Create an ISO from a CD
« on: November 08, 2021, 10:55:06 am »
I would be interested in Martin's hypermake etc.  Currently my web page is done in a home-grown markup language.

Utilities / Re: Booting OS/2 with an Animation
« on: November 08, 2021, 10:48:53 am »
OS/2 2.1 used an animated boot, so it ought be possible.

Utilities / Re: Create an ISO from a CD
« on: November 07, 2021, 12:08:31 pm »
This mkisofs.exe does not appear to have -duplicatesonce as an option.

Applications / Re: FAT Diskette with truncated long file name file
« on: November 03, 2021, 08:51:08 am »
There is a thing called LFN Tools, which provide a number of DOS commands under ordinary DOS that reads VFAT long file names.

The LFN data is stored in the file-name table as hidden files with weird attributes.  They're present under plain DOS, but you need to load Windows usually to see them.  However, the LFN tools can read these under plain DOS.  Available in english and deutsch.

Applications / Re: Accelerated Installs
« on: November 02, 2021, 02:19:51 pm »
And just when you thought it was safe.  I wrote this sort of code to rename the long file names (which do not go well with vga resolution screen), but version is used to create groups on an OS/2 copy to disk thing.  The created object would be <YF_rexxid>.

The 'help' is a MINDEX style object (like glossary). When you right-click on an object, there would be a help option, which would open the appropriate page in xlink.hlp.  This could be used to launch various things like help files etc for extended reading, but would allow you to answer 'what's this' rather quickly.  This is the 1998 version of it.

Code: [Select]
/* NewApps2.REXX  ver 2.0 */
parse arg options
call rxfuncadd "SysLoadFuncs", "rexxutil", "SysLoadFuncs" ; call SysLoadFuncs
call mkfolders  'YK'    /* The param is the lead */
call appnames
call makeicon

call locdir  'char  ,  g:\exe\char'
call locdir  'pm    ,  g:\exe\pm'
call locdir  'tweak ,  g:\exe\tweak'
call locdir  'sc2000,  g:\games\sc2000'
call locdir  'gear,    e:\os2\gear'
call locdir  'galciv,  g:\games\galciv'
call locdir  'desc,    g:\describe'
call locdir  'adobe,   e:\acrobat3\reados2'

icons = 'g:\exe\icon'
call def 'rexxid,   help ,flag, title  , folder,  exename'
call add 'ZTREE,     x1001,   , ZTree  , char  , ztbold.cmd'
call add 'WIN95,     ?0000,   , Win95  ,  pm    , win95.exe'
call add 'UNITNB,    ?0000,   , UnitNb,   pm    , unitnb.exe'
call add 'TCOS2,     ?0000,   , Tcos2  ,  char  , tcmdos2.exe'
call out 'SC2000,    ?0000,   , SC2000 ,  sc2000, sc2000.exe'
call add 'PMCAMERA,  ?0000,   , PMCamera, pm   , pmcamera.exe'
call add 'PMCALC,    ?0000,s  , PMCalc ,  pm   , pmcalc.exe'
call add 'WARPCAB,   x1004,   , PMCab  ,  pm   , warpcab.exe'
call add 'OPTIMISE,  ?0000,   , Optimise, tweak , optimize.exe'
call add 'LIST2,     ?0000,   , List   ,  char  , list2.exe'
call add 'INDEX,     ?0000,i  , Lindex ,  /index, MTABLES'
call add 'JARGON,    ?0000,i  , Jargon ,  /view , int299.inf+1vol299.inf+2vol299.inf+app299.inf'
call add 'GFC,       ?0000,   , Gfc    ,  char  , gfc.exe'
call add 'GEAR     , ?0000,   , Gear   ,  gear  , gearos2.exe'
call out 'GALCIV,    ?0000,   , GalCiv ,  galciv, galciv.exe'
call add 'FILEBAR  , ?0000,   , FileBar,  pm    , filebar.exe'
call add 'EDIT2,     ?0000,   , Edit   ,  char  , edit.exe'
call add 'DOSINFO,   ?0000,si , DOS7   ,  /view;f:\dos70 , doscmd.inf+doserror.inf'
call add 'DLGEDIT,   ?0000,   , DlgEdit,  char  , dlgedit.exe'
call add 'DJLITE,    x1002,   , DjLite ,  char  , djlite.exe'
call add 'FILEGRAF,  x1005,   , DiskGraf, pm    , fgpm.exe'
call out 'DESCRIBE,  ?0000,   , Desc   ,  desc  , describe.exe'
call add 'DMASTER  , x1003,   , DMaster,  pm    , dmaster.exe'
call add 'BLACKBOX,  ?0000,   , Blackbox, tweak , blackbox.exe'
call add 'ACROREAD,  ?0000,   , Acrobat,  adobe , acroread.exe'

parse arg lead
Setup ="BACKGROUND=(none),,,C,8 152 255;OBJECTID="myapp
Call SysCreateObject 'WPFolder','Applets', "<WP_DESKTOP>", Setup ,'u'

do nx = 1 to objnr
call getvars objs.nx
setup=defdirs(kfo, kex)
setup=setup || defhelp(khp)
setup=setup || defflags(kfl)
setup=setup || "OBJECTID=<"lead || krx">"
call SysCreateObject objclass, knm, myapp, setup, 'u'
/* say objclass',' knm',' myapp',' setup ', u'  */

parse arg t1
parse var t1 t1 ',' t2
t1 = strip(t1); t2 = strip(t2)
cdir.t1 = t2

parse arg s1
objnr = 0
items = 0
objs. = ''
do while s1 \= ''
items = items + 1
parse var s1 s2','s1
  s2 = strip(s2)
  select /* here is where we define available objects */
     when s2 = 'rexxid'  then jrx = items
     when s2 = 'help'    then jhp = items
     when s2 = 'flag'    then jfl = items
     when s2 = 'title'   then jnm = items
     when s2 = 'folder'  then jfo = items
     when s2 = 'exename' then jex = items

parse arg .

parse arg objstring
objnr = objnr + 1
objs.objnr = objstring

parse arg t1
ix. = ''
iy = 0
do while t1 \= ''
  iy = iy + 1
  parse var t1 t2','t1
  ix.iy = strip(t2)
krx = ix.jrx /* rexxid */
khp = ix.jhp /* help */
kfl = ix.jfl /* flag */
knm = ix.jnm /* title */
kfo = ix.jfo /* folder */
kex = ix.jex /* exename */

parse arg 1 t1 2 t2
t0 = ''
  when t1 = 'x' then t0 = 'XLINK.HLP'
  when t1 = '?' then t0 = ''
if t0 \= '' then do
  t2 = strip(0 + t2)
  t0 = 'HELPLIBRARY='t0';HELPPANEL='t2';'
return t0

parse arg ifo, iex
parse var ifo ifo';'ifodat
objclass = 'WPProgram'
  when ifo = '/view' then do
     if ifodat \= '' then directory = strip(ifodat)
     t0 = 'EXENAME='boot'\OS2\VIEW.EXE;PARAMETERS='iex';'
  when ifo = '/index' then do
     t0 = 'INDEX='iex';'
     objclass = 'Mindex'
  if when cdir.ifo \= '' then do
     directory = cdir.ifo
     t0 = 'EXENAME='directory'\'iex';'
return t0

parse arg t1
t0 = ''
do while t1 \= ''
parse var t1 1 t2 2 t1
  when t2 = 'i' then t0=t0'ICONFILE='icons'\'krx'.ico;'
  when t2 = 's' then t0=t0'STARTUPDIR='directory';'
return t0

Applications / Re: XWP v1.0.14
« on: November 02, 2021, 02:05:21 pm »
I tried downloading this from ArcaOS site, but they had a dead link or something.

Utilities / Re: MeShell commandline frontend timetable
« on: October 24, 2021, 10:28:37 am »
The shell overlay is by Martin Vieregg.  The cmd2exe is something i found in a DuckDuckGo search for cmd2exe os2.  The second program allows you to move things off-path, and act as if they were on path.  It's in japanese, but the cmdline is "cmd2exe myfile.cmd" gives "myfile.exe"

It leaves a copy running while you execute your batch, so i don't know what sort of resources it is running.  I ran `top` in a session of "meshell /4os2" started in \programs\4os2, and from a standard cmd.exe shell.  It started the \sys\bin\4os2.exe program [cmd2exe prog to run 4os2 from \programs\4os2] in both cases, so i imagine it's walking the path somewhere.

I am not really a programmer, but rather one who knows how to do fancy tricks with standard user interfaces.  So my programming is limited, i suppose to REXX and CMD scripts, with some utilities turned out for the occasion in various read and write once languages.

Setup & Installation / Re: A question of fonts
« on: October 21, 2021, 11:04:18 am »
Marksym.ttf is a kind of wingding font, not a characte font.  It;s not the thing one would want on the font palette, for example.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Hobbes (Files) Reoganization
« on: October 19, 2021, 12:50:36 pm »
For some of us, there is a conceptial difference of what is inside the router and what is beyond the router.  This is more true when you consider some users pay by the megabyte or whatever. 

We would hope that shares made on the local network are not also shared over passers-by on the street, for example. 

For example, it might be fine to have email / browser / ftpclient under internet, and this remains true even when programs like TotalCommander can hook to the internet, while being specifically a local app.   

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: Hobbes (Files) Reoganization
« on: October 16, 2021, 12:04:58 pm »
I think Ian Manner's site has subdirectories where older versions are bunted into.

I was thinking about using a pattern like os2 itself, at least for some of it, eg /os2/mdos/winos2 or whatever, for bits to replace os/2's dos and windows stuff.

Article Discussions / Re: The Config.sys Documentation Project
« on: October 10, 2021, 04:02:16 pm »
I went through CONFIGTOOL 1.30 and the EDM/2 pages to see if there was anything amiss.

Code: [Select]

  The files listed in this directory are made into the master index.

  If you plan to run more than one glossary, you need to create a new MINDEX object
  and point it to a different directory.  You then compile ordinary HLP files for it.

SET LUCIDEHELP=help files)
SET LUCIDEINSTALLPATH = path to Lucide.exe

DEVICE=C:\VM\        (Microsoft Virtual PC)
    vmdrv.sys         general driver.
    vmmouse.sys   mouse integration
    vmvdd.sys     virtual disk drive
    vmmap.ifs     file sharing
    "vmserv.exe daemon"  in startup.cmd

   should be c:\os2\mdos\ c:\os2\mdos /P

Hardware / Re: Virtual PC
« on: October 10, 2021, 03:36:51 pm »
Like it is done with VirtualBox, ie, include (Virtual PC) as a hint beside each of the various drivers.

I run OS/2 in vpc 2007 under vista 6.1, mainly to do things like test installs etc.  Operating systems are to me a kind of game, so one might go off and play 'pc-dos 6.30' or something.

Let's see.

  PMView Pro
  QEdit (DOS/OS2)
  Regina REXX
  Arcadia Worlplace Companion
  OS/2 3.0 wallpaper :)
  DMaster (for when the prompt is lost)

Article Discussions / Re: The Config.sys Documentation Project
« on: October 10, 2021, 03:13:01 pm »
Have a look at this DOS help file.  I rebuild it regularly.  is the help file is the engine to read it.

It's QBasic 1.1, modified so as not to read the ram diskette every read, and to use QBED for EDIT.  The dos6 command starts the help file.

It's a fairly complete documentation of DOS 5, 6 and 7 (MS and PC dos), from my MSDOS63 project.

Hardware / Virtual PC
« on: October 10, 2021, 01:02:15 pm »
EComStation had identified support for VPC.  I wish they would do the same for ArcoOS. 

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