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unless they change the underlying OS/2 to a 64 bit OS.

why do you need 64 bit OS/2 ?  we do not have 64 bit applications :)

Setup & Installation / Re: Boot from USB stick
« on: May 19, 2023, 04:20:42 pm »
What do you recommend for copying all from the HDD to the stick? A simple copy command or some other copying tool?

I used FC/2 because it is the most convenient tool for me to work with files.

Setup & Installation / Boot from USB stick
« on: May 19, 2023, 01:37:51 pm »
Boot from USB stick is not difficult now.

How to:
  1)  choose a letter for your boot USB stick - better use unused (for ex. F:);
  2)  create Compatibility Volume, Primary Partition on your USB stick with chosen letter;
       (it could be complicated but it is another matter)
  3)  format  F:  /fs:hpfs   or  format  F:  /fs:jfs   (both working fine)
  4)  sysinstx F:
  5)  you may need to create fresh installation  on HDD F: (I don't know another way how to change a disk letter in all settings, say, from C:  to  F:)
  6) copy everything from HDD F: (change letter for it before copying)  to your USB stick F:
  7) now you can boot from USB stick

!!!!  Once you have chosen and set letter for USB stick -  never change it  -  the letter is stored in a few places and not all programs change it properly.

This way I created  stick  to boot to command prompt  but one friend of mine made a full functional system (boots till desktop).

   - USB drivers from Lars Erdmann (at least usbdrv249); Lars, thank you very much for your drivers with this amazing ability.
   - OS/4 kernel (at least 6217).

Feedback is welcome.

Hardware / Re: Problem usbdrv248 - 10.248
« on: May 13, 2023, 04:22:49 pm »
If you see it as a hobby, then how much fun is it to wait for fixes that are never going to happen?

It is not always true. I have received fixes and new features very soon. Thank you very much, Lars. :)

Hardware / Re: Problem usbdrv248 - 10.248
« on: May 13, 2023, 09:49:28 am »
try on 249

Applications / Re: OS/4 (technical details only)
« on: March 27, 2023, 12:38:52 pm »
Can anything be done to fix the DMI table?

A little background. ANPM uses the output of dmidecode to hash/encrypt ID/PASS credentials for subscription repos. I was working through an issue where on the OS2 kernel this process was failing. Turned out to be caused by the board maker (MSI) putting/leaving generic identifier string in a specific DMI table field. Alex fixed this, so now that works.

I subsequently booted up using my OS4 config and came to find out that ANPM credentials check on the sub repos failed again. This time I looked through the debug, reviewed the outputs from dmidecode and indeed, the output is broken. In case someone else is attempting to use ANPM on an OS4 configured system they will likely fail as well.

FYI, here is what I'm seeing:

Code: [Select]
# dmidecode 3.1
Scanning /dev/mem for entry point.
SMBIOS 2.5 present.
54 structures occupying 1934 bytes.
Table at 0x0009F800.

Invalid entry length (0). DMI table is broken! Stop.

I have just come to know. To have working dmidecode you should use testcfg.sys supplied with ArcaOS. The issue does not have any relation to OS/4.

it is not very difficult
you should change in your config.sys the following:


to switch  keyboard lang  you can use KEYBOARDLAYER  from

Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« on: March 12, 2023, 10:30:37 am »
New Yellow PNG folder icons.  Had to change manually.  ArcaOS unlike eComstation does not allow it to be automatically done

I must say, you have done a very beautiful set

Utilities / Re: HPFS386.IFS
« on: March 07, 2023, 09:41:01 am »
I see you found this to work, and I can certainly confirm that when I was using HPFS386 that was indeed the case.

I also used to use hpfs386 in pre-jfs times, but after the appearance of jfs it lost sense. It was a long time ago and I forgot all the details.

Utilities / Re: DUMPFS setup
« on: March 06, 2023, 08:28:49 pm »
Does os4dump work in uefi mode?

I do not have an equipment to check, hope it can work in CSM mode.

Utilities / Re: DUMPFS setup
« on: March 05, 2023, 02:32:01 pm »
As an additional check just in case something went wrong: the OS2DUMP module in the root dir should have size 10525 bytes. That's the specialized OS2DUMP that it needs for DUMPFS.IFS to work.

I also checked the ability of my system to create a dump  (Os4Krnl, OS4Dump)

Dumping is ok  but  I cannot delete dump file  -  fc/2 said:
Code: [Select]
║ Disk write protected, cannot write ║
║          Q:\DUMPDATA.001           ║
║  [ Retry ]  [ Skip ]  [ Cancel ]   ║

but it seems to me that the deletion worked on earlier versions of dumpfs.ifs

Utilities / Re: HPFS386.IFS
« on: March 05, 2023, 01:18:19 pm »
Tnx, Lars

reming out EARLYMEMINIT=TRUE indeed helped

Utilities / HPFS386.IFS
« on: March 05, 2023, 12:40:41 pm »
I need Hpfs386   for testing.

I have got:
 - C:\IBM386FS\HPFS386.IFS
 - C:\IBM386FS\HPFS386.INI

MAXHEAP   = 512

and added  to my config.sys:
   IFS=C:\IBM386FS\HPFS386.IFS  /A:*

but on boot  it said:
  HFS0019 There is not enough memory for the 386 HPFS cache and heap

pls, advise how to get it working ?

General Discussion / Re: ArcaOS 5.0.7 - has that "new leather smell" ...
« on: January 06, 2023, 02:01:17 pm »
Will start looking around and seeing how I can help others (os/4, es/2, etc.) ... I've time on my hands, and can easily devote testing, documentation, and such hours to your efforts.

testers are always welcome  :)

Hardware / Re: Lenovo Thinkcentre M73p
« on: January 02, 2023, 11:09:49 am »
  Memory below 4GB: 2.39 GiB

not bad,  will it increase if you reduce Video Mem  ?

That is with the minimum video memory.

Tnx. I still consider M920q  as the best choice so far.

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