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Multimedia / Re: SMTube 16.3.0 - "Unable to Retrieve the YouTube Page"
« on: August 31, 2016, 04:27:59 pm »
Morning Dave!

| Sorry, I probably mis-understood and thought you were building SMTube.

No problem - what I was mentioning on the SMPlayer site was an error ticket that some users had opened some time ago related to a very similar topic in the SMTube "15" builds, and the remedies they suggested for the end user

I don't know if its the same ticket item reoccurring in the "16" builds here, or something else altogether. There doesn't seem to be a lot of guidance for the end user in the ticket linked above, other than what I stated. But having used OS/2 / eCS for going on 25 years, I've become rather good at troubleshooting, if I know where to start to look ................

| BTW, the Arca Noae Package Manager is just a front end to YUM/RPM

Actually I was aware of that - I was having some problems originally with YUM, pre- ANPM, and with Martin's and Doug's advice got it going perfectly on two partitions each on two machines (being working systems, I always like to have a fallback if one OS partition is having problems).

The problem that time was the transition from Python 2.6.x to Python 2.7.x during a YUM update - some CMD files for the bootstrap were pointing to the old runtime files in Python 2.6 and there were some problems with the library structure (now fixed at least here).

I only installed installed the ANPM a couple of weeks ago, to test with the advent of Blue Lion in the works - working flawlessly on 3 of 4 partitions, so can access YUM either way, if needed - for some reason the ANPM on the other partition can't seem to connect (but I will solve that when I get a chance as the YUM/RPM bootstrap set-up on that partition still works perfectly)

Thats why I was wondering about DLL's or other files in the UNIX type file structure, causing the problem in SMTube - whether a DLL or file was missing or misplaced in the structure, and also why I was wondering if anyone else using the OS/2/eCS version of SMTube had encountered this.

Other than the connect to YouTube problem, the SMTube installation seems to be functioning as designed as far as I can see - I prefer SMPlayer to VLC/2, as I was having hard lock-up problems with VLC/2 after running a video, most times requiring a reboot. Have not had that problem here with SMPlayer (and Mplayer of course )



Multimedia / Re: SMTube 16.3.0 - "Unable to Retrieve the YouTube Page"
« on: August 31, 2016, 03:24:32 am »
Hi Dave!

| Youtube has recently changed over to pure HTTPS, so SMTube probably needs to be linked against OpenSSL or TLS. I don't think we
 | have a port of TLS yet so it would be OpenSSL, probably the one installed by YUM/RPM.

I checked through both the Arca Noae Package Manager and YUM/RPM, and both indicate that the OpenSSL is at the most current level (1.0.0 R1 in Arca Noae PM, 1.0.0r-1.oc00.i386 in yum/rpm)

| Usually there is a configure option or the build script will find the libs if installed in \usr.

Haven't checked that - will have to look and let you know (if I know what to look for, not being a programmer)


Multimedia / SMTube 16.3.0 - "Unable to Retrieve the YouTube Page"
« on: August 30, 2016, 11:51:05 pm »
Hi Al!!

I finally had some additional time to test various items in the last two months, including getting SMPlayer 16.4.0 to run.

As that was highly successful I installed SMTube 16.3.0, to test access to the SMPlayer YouTube browser, and ran into a snag there.

Opening, it shows a window, with various avaiable Popular videos - you can also search for others.

However, clicking on any of the videos, it looks like they attempt to connect in SMPlayer and I get a "Unable to retrieve the YouTube Page"

Reading on the SMPlayer site, this seems to have been an on again off again problem with SMTube through various versions - some people have had success solving the problem supposedly installing some OpenSSL libraries while others have suggested installing Microsoft Visual Studio runtime DLL's. In one case installing a new unstable developmental version solved the problem.

With that in mind, has anyone else run into this problem  on SMTube on OS2/eCS, especially this version? Does it look as if I'm missing some additional DLL's that may need to be installed? I didn't see anything mentioned in Silvan's Read Me that came with the package.

Thanks Ladies and Gentlemen in advance and Best!


Applications / Re: Yum Problems?
« on: October 30, 2014, 04:15:46 pm »
Hi Silvan!

When rpm/yum is already installed with ecs 2.2 beta, why do you want to install it again? All you have to do would be a yum update.
This will update all old stuff to the most recent.

When I started this thread I was observing that the updated YUM files, when installed, seemed to be causing the following problems, Silvan, when attempting to install anything else. The message reads

Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?)

Killed by SIGABRT
pid=0x0069 ppid=0x0068 tid=0x0001 slot=0x00d1 pri=0x0200 mc=0x0001
Process dumping was disabled, use DUMPPROC / PROCDUMP to enable it.

I noted this when the Yum Bootstrap WPI 1.3 was on an installed system, and then updated, and noted that the eCS 2.2 Yum / RPM installation would have attempted to update the installation with those same files, which probably would have caused the same problem.

What I was trying to  find out, Silvan, is whether the most recent updates are causing any problems for others - as I noted on Netlabs, when reading a few of the bug reports, there seems to be a number of bugs noted with the newest Python update - I was wondering whether you have any  idea what the "Killed by SIGABRT" message means, or the "version mismatch" message, which occur only after the updates are installed?

I'm trying to isolate whether this Is a potential bug that should be reported, whether people aware of it already, or whether it is a problem solely related to my systems - I've had YUM on my other systems for quite a while, using the 1.3 WPI installation and eCS 2.1, and never had a problem with it, until the last update, which gives the error message(s) indicated.

Thanks for you response and any information you can provide.

Best as Always!


Applications / Re: Yum Problems?
« on: October 30, 2014, 12:02:54 am »
Installing RPM/YUM is probably okay, if you want to do that. If you do, always be sure to use RPM/YUM to install new things, if it supports it, and never do a manual, or WarpIn install, when RPM/YUM supports whatever you need. I think your problem happened when you installed the older RPM/YUM over top of the new one (which may actually be in a different place).

I was surprised when I discovered that RPM/YUM was a default. If I remember correctly, it is the option that says it will install QT and ODIN support, there is no mention of RPM/YUM. When you deselect that, it will not install QT or ODIN (and probably a few other things). They can be installed in the old way, later, if you don't install RPM/YUM.

I finally had a chance this week to have a look at the eCS 2.2 install - under Software - System Extensions, I found "Package Management Framework for Unix Ports" which contained RPM/YUM (Checked by default). Two separate menu items under System Extensions were "QT4" (checked by default) and "ODIN32" (checked by default).

Don't know if there are dependencies between the three or at least between YUM and QT4 as unchecking the various items made no difference to the others (but this is only a beta).

Not that I have found. It seems that you simply do the RPM/YUM commands from a command line window (which is what the "console" is anyway). I have seen nothing else that even mentions RPM/YUM, but I haven't gone searching for it either.

Typing Yum Install Yum from the command prompt works the same. What I got when I tried it with the eCS 2.2 install was:

 yum                     noarch     3.2.27-6.oc00         netlabs-rel     1.0 M
Installing for dependencies:
 libgcc473               i386        netlabs-rel      26 k
Updating for dependencies:
 python                  i386       2.7.6-10.oc00         netlabs-rel     6.6 M
 python-libs             i386       2.7.6-10.oc00         netlabs-rel     866 k
 rpm                     i386       4.8.1-18.oc00         netlabs-rel     649 k
 rpm-libs                i386       4.8.1-18.oc00         netlabs-rel     355 k
 rpm-python              i386       4.8.1-18.oc00         netlabs-rel      74 k
 yum-metadata-parser     i386       1.1.4-4.oc00          netlabs-rel      21 k

Transaction Summary

Install       1 Package(s)
Upgrade       7 Package(s)

Total download size: 9.5 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

So, essentially it wants to install the same seven updates, including libgcc473 and python 2.7.6. I suspect if I let the update run I would get the same "version mismatch" and "killed" messages as I noted before.

I held off on the update and will file a bug report to Netlabs and let them sort out if something needs to be fixed.

Remember that eCS 2.2 beta II is a beta, and it was not completely updated when it was built. There are a few "problems" that need to be fixed, and a number of things that need to be updated.

Actually I was aware of the still beta nature of eCS 2.2 when I installed it, Doug - I did not test it earlier in the year, and I want to evaluate the current state of development, and how usable it is - eCS 2.1 will not install on the new machine, while 2.2 will, probably due to the updated ACPI and maybe other items - I thought I'd have a go at this version, until we see what Lewis Rosenthal and Co. have in mind, for further development.

Best as always!


Applications / Re: Yum Problems?
« on: October 23, 2014, 07:16:53 pm »
Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?)

Has anyone else noticed this problem recently?
I would first search in If not found, file a bug using your account:

Hi Andreas!

Checking the Bug Tracker for Yum, I didn't note this particular problem directly listed, but did note a number of problems related to the newest version of Python (2.7.6?) and YUM, as a variety of tickets have been opened - didn't have a lot of time today, but will read through them and see what has been solved and what remains open.

Thanks for the link and Best!


Applications / Re: Yum Problems?
« on: October 23, 2014, 06:57:26 pm »
Did you install RPM/YUM with eCS 2.2? If you did not deselect that (it is well hidden), you did. If you then installed it again, using the old installer, you have probably messed it up so bad that you will probably have to re-install to recover.

This was indeed an eCS 2.2 install. I didn't see that particular option when I was installing eCS this time, Doug, but will have a look. I do advanced installs, but didn't check every option, to see what was being installed.

Is the YUM bootstrap console installed in a file somewhere on the desktop, on eCS 2.2? - haven't ran across it (but then I haven't used 2.2 much on a working environment machine)

I did note, however, on my test machine, with eCS 2.1 installed, and an existing YUM install already present, that YUM will attempt to install a number of updated files , some of which seem to be related to Python, where the reported file mismatch seems to be present. Letting the updated files be installed gives the "Killed by SIGABRT", if you attempt to install any other libraries.

As this was a new install, and I hadn't proceeded very far in setting it up I may attempt to back out the YUM Warpin installation first. and see what happens. If things seem to be screwed up, I will reinstall eCS 2.2 minus the RPM/YUM option, and see that happens.

Thanks and Best!


Applications / Yum Problems?
« on: October 20, 2014, 07:22:10 pm »
Hi All!

I was setting up a new eCS 2.2 partition on a new system late last week, and as part of the install process normally use Yum to install various additional libraries, especially for use by QT4.

This time I used the latest Bootstrap, then went on-line and typed "Yum Install Yum", and install proceeded. However, running the bootstrap console subsequently gives the following message:

Repository setup
        package os2-release-00-2.oc00.noarch is already installed
        package netlabs-rel-0.0.0-2.oc00.i386 is already installed
Testing internet connection: "yum repolist"...
Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?)

Killed by SIGABRT
pid=0x006e ppid=0x006d tid=0x0001 slot=0x00d8 pri=0x0200 mc=0x0001
Process dumping was disabled, use DUMPPROC / PROCDUMP to enable it.

Has anyone else noticed this problem recently? Out of curiosity I also ran this on a test system, with Yum already installed previously, and noted that a number of updated files were downloaded - attempting to download any other libraries after the updated Yum install gives a similar "Killed by SIGABRT" message.



Hardware / Re: eCS and 3 inch CD drives?
« on: September 28, 2014, 05:08:03 am »
Thanks for the interesting comments!

The first time I ran across them was about 5 years ago, related to another piece of equipment that came from Asia - based on Doug's comments, Ii didn't realize they had been around for ages (and also didn't cue in to the disc fitting into the indent of most CD drives - the "ASSUME" factor was alive and well.

Its obvious that this disc format did not make the big times as I've ran into very few examples of it over the years, although Ivan indicated he had 7 to 8 of them - possibly more common outside of North America?

I did try it in one of the CD's on my systems and it was read perfectly under eCS - reads as 13 Mb CDFS so not a lot of disc capacity - although it looks like its approx. 15 Mb overall, if the disc is filled.

Martin's Green day Disc is quite interesting - can see why they indicate it might not play on all CD's ................ 

Thanks for the comments and Best of the weekend to all!


Hardware / eCS and 3 inch CD drives?
« on: September 26, 2014, 08:23:17 pm »
Hi All!

In some ways this is really a general hardware question, but I also thought I'd ask as it relates to eCS.

I recently bought an AULA gaming mouse, for the very infrequent times I actually can get around to playing games, and when I received it, it came with one of those small 3 inch CD / DVD type discs, which has software to adjust sensitivity settings, button controls etc.

I've seen these types of discs in the past, and have always wondered about where you could get a drive to read them - the standard CD / DVD drives in North America don't seem to have an option (unless some come with some sort of insert to center the disc in the drive?), so I was wondering what type of computer drive takes them, and where they can be bought (have heard of small MP3 players taking these discs, but not computers).

I thought someone here might be aware of them - also, would eCS recognize such a storage drive? - I doubt any OS/2 / eCS specific software or drivers would ever be packaged on such a disk, but if they could be read, perhaps an experiment in MP3 discs may be in order, if such a drive could be easily obtained (the experimental hardware technogeek in me is always intrigued by new hardware to play with).

Just curious today, and Best!


Networking / Re: eCS 2.1 - Network Share Problem
« on: September 02, 2014, 05:14:58 pm »
I had a chance to have a look at the LSSHARE.INI file this morning, and it was indeed corrupted - using the INI editor, I got a DrREXX window opening, with SYNTAX ERROR: Bad arithmetic conversion.

I removed the file and rebooted, and was able to both open the Share tab, and restore the shares.

So thanks, Pete for your help and Best of the Rest of the Week to you!


Networking / Re: eCS 2.1 - Network Share Problem
« on: September 02, 2014, 05:54:54 am »
Thanks, Pete!

LSSHARE.INI does indeed exist - I will have a look at it tomorrow and see whats there, INI editor wise.

Will then consider the delete and recreate, if I can't see the problem, and if I don't get any other suggestions.

Thanks and Best!


Networking / eCS 2.1 - Network Share Problem
« on: September 02, 2014, 12:22:21 am »
Hi All!

I'm new to this forum, but old in regards to usage of first OS/2 (from v2.0) and then eCS, from the start.

Today, I ran across a problem I've never encountered before, and thought some advice was in order.

It involves eCS v2.1 on one of the partitions of one of my machines - for some reason I seem to have lost my share data, for allowing other machines to access this one.

I'm using the Sharing and Connecting icon under IBM File and Print Client to set the shares for this machine. This time, the window opened normally after login; however, attempting to change to the "Share" Tab to see what it said, clicking on the tab immediately restarted the desktop!

I was able to reset the shares and access permissions for the appropriate drives from the desktop menu, but after completing these tasks, and clicking OK, the desktop is restarted yet again. The share and access permissions are indeed recreated, but only for that session - rebooting the computer puts me right back to square one.

I have two eCS partitions on each of my machines, and going to the other one for this machine, the shares are available and functioning normally, so it doesn't seem to be related to problems with the drives - it also doesn't seem to be related to the desktop itself, as restoring from my desktop archives to a previous level, does not eliminate the problem. I'm assuming something network related has become corrupted, related to Sharing and Connecting, but only the Share Tab seems to be affected - the other tabs can be accessed without any problems.

Have any of the network gurus hanging around the forum seen this problem before? Everything else on the partition continues to function normally, with the exception of the share problem.

Thanks and Best!


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