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Networking / Injoy logging
« on: July 04, 2014, 09:06:01 pm »
I've a user filter like this -
Code: [Select]
Comment = "verhindere alles",
Source = "",
Direction = Outgoing,
        Log-Severity = None,
Log-Control = Disabled
which blocks connections from this device to the internet. But now the Injoy GUI 'Dropped Packets' and 'Rejected Connections' windows are full of log messages from this client. Can I prevent logging output of this rule? 'Log-Control = Disabled' does not help.

I'm glad that Injoy drops packets from this client but as the window is full of these messages the important ones are hard to find now.

Hardware / Re: Testing GenMAC with Unsupported drivers
« on: June 18, 2014, 03:53:50 pm »
Not sure if the wpa_supplicant can not connect or dhclient does not get an IP address. In addition to what I've written here,412.msg3718.html#msg3718 the basic things to check are
1) does xwlan detect the device (settings page)
2) what version of wpa_supplicant xwlan uses (see WPA settings page, should be 2.0 written in blue color)
3) what version of dhclient xwlan finds on your system (TCP/IP settings page 2, dhclient3xx don't know exactly any more but when it's written in blue it should be okay)

Hardware / Re: Testing GenMAC with Unsupported drivers
« on: June 18, 2014, 11:25:25 am »
...but the Wireless LAN Monitor (V3.12b2) is giving me problems...
If you tell something about the problems maybe I can help ;)

Storage / Re: SSD on IBM T23
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:01:14 am »
I've a PATA SSD instead the DVD-burner in my T42p in parallel to the normal harddisk. Maybe an option for you too.

I've played with CF-PATA adapters and motherboards with direct CF sockets. Speed was always not as fast as I hoped. So from my experience CF is not a good option.

Even the SSD in the DVD bay of T42p is slower than I expected - means faster than the standard harddisk but difference is not that much. Guess the internal transfer rate is much slower than what SSD would be capable to deliver.


Networking / Re: Intel 2915 abg Wireless and WPA2 with Genmac
« on: June 16, 2014, 08:58:01 pm »
Just found this in the change history for v3.11 -
fixed error in GenMac module preventing from using WPA encryption with certain drivers

No clue which drivers and if is of any help for you.

Networking / Re: Intel 2915 abg Wireless and WPA2 with Genmac
« on: June 16, 2014, 11:53:41 am »
...are there any log-files, output-files etc that would help to gather information....

1. Personally I use this Rexx script which constantly monitors my LAN connections. I've this cli window open all the time when testing switching between wired and wireless LAN

2. XWLAN (both versions, widget and wlanstat) do have the menu option to display output from wpa_supplicant. So you see what the supplicant does. There are different verbosity options too.

3. If you activate the setting to get IP addresses automatically XWLAN3.12beta fires up dhclient in a hidden window. It's easily found in the xwp Tasklist and there you see dhclient log. But you can configure XWLAN to redirect the dhclient output to a log file too. In this case no window will be created but the log file written. Configuration for this is in XWLAN TCP/IP settings dialog.

Worth to mention - if you switch between wired and wireless interface XWLAN will let the wired connection up and running until the wireless is established.

Networking / Re: Intel 2915 abg Wireless and WPA2 with Genmac
« on: June 10, 2014, 09:20:37 pm »
...unless the new supplicant, and/or XWLAN, fixes the problem...
It seems to me the problem is either in genmac or wpa_supplicant. TTBOMK XWLAN starts the supplicant and waits for a valid secured connection before it fires up dhclient or ..... If connection is not established through the supplicant there seems to be nothing I can do in XWLAN against this problem. If someone proves me wrong I'll look into this. F.i. if it was possible to establish a connection with Pauls build of the wpa GUI but not with XWLAN this would change things. I'm sorry but currently it does not make sense to me searching this problem in XWLAN.

Networking / Re: Intel 2915 abg Wireless and WPA2 with Genmac
« on: June 10, 2014, 08:41:05 am »
I tried with the 2.2 Beta, and I even tried the GUI included with the build of P. Smedley. This is what worked on my X 61 finally.
So I think the X61 should work with xwlan3.12(beta) too. Did you try it?

Did you by any chance search '' list if this was discussed earlier?

Networking / Re: Intel 2915 abg Wireless and WPA2 with Genmac
« on: June 09, 2014, 07:21:48 pm »
Just tested my R52 and it could not connect with WPA2 too. WPA works. With WPA2 wpa_supplicant says 'Could not get SSID from driver'. No clue if this is the problem or what else goes wrong. The same with my T42p.

After setting Access Point 'Cypher Type' from 'Auto TKIP/AES' to 'AES' now it works with the T42p (Intel 2200). But NOT with the R52.

Networking / Re: Intel 2915 abg Wireless and WPA2 with Genmac
« on: June 09, 2014, 05:53:13 pm »
The latest WPA supplicant compiled by Paul (the one which is tested with XWLAN) is included in xwlan3.12betaX. The same with older versions of xwlan - AFAIK they all include the supplicant. No need to extra download.

BUT be aware, starting with 3.12 ICS dhclient is used. Run 'yum install dhclient' if you want to use xwlan with DHCP and check the settings pages especially TCP/IP page 2 and WPA page.

Panorama uses SB
SB = Shadow Buffer? Just guessing. Think someone made performance tests but I can not find any figures. From what I 'heard' SNAP is only slower when it fails to program MTTRs correctly. But would be glad if anyone can provide measurement results. All cards in my systems are supported by SNAP in accelerated mode (yes old cards like X300) and I do not have an up to date Single Monitor setup to test myself.

but who really need that old card ?
Why old card? To my understanding both SNAP and Panorama use VESA GRADD for new cards. No difference with new cards. 

But additionally SNAP supports most of the old cards accelerated. So it's probably way easier to add accelerated support for new cards to SNAP than Panorama.

One question - was Pavel the developer of ACPI before David took over? Or do anyone know who it was?

...but adding new card to SDD is approximately the same as building new grad driver like panoR200...
I do not believe this until someone stands up and add Multi Monitor support to Panorama. I still think if you've SNAP sources it's way easier to fix the SMP issues and add other chips than extend Panorama to Mulit Monitor and acceleration. Remember SNAP falls back to VESA GRADD for unsupported cards. To my understanding this is the same what Panorama always does - unaccelerated VESA mode.

For some systems Panorama is faster than SNAP although both using VESA GRADD. But AFAIK this is only cause SNAP sometimes does not program MTRRs correctly. This may be easy to fix when you have access to SNAP sources as it was fixed for Panorama too.

...and that annoying splash screen...
AFAIK disabling splash screen was/is an option since ages. And Mensys distributes 3.1.8 which is the latest Scitech version TTBOMK.

Owing the right to work on SNAP source code and release own versions does not mean Mensys is allowed to distribute the source code. Especially to jokers. But I fear they wouldn't gave it to you even if you've asked politely.

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